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Review and analysis of the poem - America - by Allen Ginsberg - written as a lecture, but is in essay format

Review and analysis of the poem "America" by Allen Ginsberg - written as a lecture, but is in essay format

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Allen Ginsberg has been credited "the single greatest influence on the American poetic voice since Whitman", by Bob Dylan himself, and Ginsberg would most probably agree, being his own biggest fan. "America" is typical of Allen Ginsberg in that it's increadibly long. Allen Ginsbergs poems are characteristically long winded and conversational- or monologual- quite unlike the usual style of a poem. He uses peoples full names, and often dedicates poems to specific people. He writes exactly what he sees- which are often everyday ordinary things- such as going to chinatown- but he presents them with an interesting perspective- often political, cynical or sexual- which is why people either love or hate Allen Ginsberg's work. His pieces are often like cleverly constructed diary entries with a slightly poetic ring to them, rather than poems with a slight conversational tone.

The tone in America evolves quite radically from cocky to concerned, and the language is informal (full of elision), nondescriminating towards swearing- selectively descriptive - the only really metaphorical line I could find was "in the light of 500 suns", and blatantly honest (I go to chinatown).

Repitition is really the only true poetic device of this poem, and gives the reader the impression that each line is separate from the others, as if the poem itself, is simply a collection of one liners Ginsberg has spouted or perhaps heard at one time or another, and glued together with a common message.

In the first two lines, America and the world have obviously just been through world war 2, and are in the midst of the cold war against Russia. Allen Ginsberg basically communicates his doubt that america's is the only and right way.

The poem is basically divided into three tonal and attitude verses. In the first, Allen Ginsberg appears quite overly infantile and immature in his response to America's actions, as if he isn't a part of them. He speaks as if America is his parent- or a separate entity to himself, and is satisfied winging to it. He acknowledges the large and international issues present, for example the atom bomb threats and "human war", but refuses to budge from a narcassistic viewpoint, talking of material desires, alcohol, sex, of that I want I want attitude. He also refers to higher authorities to validate his opinion- (for example his psychoanalyst, and several others in the full version.)

In the second verse "it occurs to me that I am america" he adopts a far more involved attitude. He acknowledges that his every action effects other's lives in some way or another. In saying that he IS america, allen ginsberg is taking his complete happy go lucky attitude and disreguard for his actions as a part of america to the opposite extreme, and instead taking on all the stresses and responsibilities under his belt as if he is america. Although whilst doing this, he still holds a somewhat cynical approach.

In the last verse, he takes on a responsible yet not soley responsible role in the runnings of america- offering concerned interest and advice- a far more adult perspective- and finally in the last two lines decides to take action for what he believes in.

Overall I found this a provocative, entertaining and satisfying poem to read. Although allen ginsberg definatly has a habit for writing odd overly long inside-joke style confusing poems, I thought "america" was particularly to the point and relevant, coming from an american's pen.

Analysis of a Poem

Analysis of a Poem

Autor: miss.abrams33 • April 23, 2014 • Essay • 901 Words (4 Pages) • 400 Views

Analysis of a Poem:

“The Lamb” by William Blake

“The Lamb” by William Blake is a strong teaching of the image of Jesus. The author writes it as a form of a child’s song which an adult is asking questions to a child and the answer to “Who made thee?” This is also a form of a teacher teaching a lesson about Jesus (Blake line 1).The author uses of repetition, metonymy, personification and allusion build the image of Jesus.

The lamb unquestionably symbolizes Jesus. The lamb is a traditional image of Jesus that denotes values of gentleness, meekness, and peace. Each stanza of “The Lamb” has five couplets, with AABB rhyme scheme. This means that the rhymes are easy to follow and close-knit which helps bring out the child feel of the songlike poem. The metonymy of the lamb is being taught as Jesus, which has biblical symbolism (as well as an allusion) as the “lamb of god who takes away the sins of the world. ” (NASB John 1:28-29) Also in this poem in line 15 Blake personifies the Lamb in similarity with Jesus. This poem reminds us the reader how we are lost without a creator, we would be nothing without the sent lamb as a sacrifice for us. The use of word phrasing paints this image.

Right from the beginning the first stanza contains the question to a child, “Little Lamb, who made thee?” (Blake stanza 1). Followed by this question the second gives the answer. “The Lamb”, is compared with a child to a lamb in the first stanza where the lamb is also a metaphor. In the second stanza a metaphor compares the lamb to Jesus Christ. In the second stanza the lamb is also a biblical allusion. This is very important to the poem for a few reasons; the metaphor brings out the teaching instructive aspect of the poem to a child teaching where humans came from and the greatness that Jesus brings into the world. Also gives the reader a humbling but rejoicing feeling towards the poem and its meaning.

Catching the rhythm or rhyme scheme is also important. The AABB is a simple rhyme scheme that has a soft flow for every two rhyming lines. Though this is accurate in the first stanza, it becomes more complex in the second stanza by the lines “He is called by thy name, for he calls himself a lamb” and “I a child and thou a lamb” (Blake Stanza 2). These lines stand out in the poem because they have their own rhyme scheme which sets it apart from the rest of the poem. Ultimately these lines Focus the readers view on

How to Write a Critical Analysis of a PoemBest Custom Essays Writing Experts

How to Write a Critical Analysis of a Poem How to Write a Critical Analysis of a Poem

When you know how to write a critical analysis of a poem, you can enable the readers of your critical analysis to understand the language and symbols that the author of the poem uses better. A critical analysis is a form of subjective writing in which the writer expresses his/her evaluation or opinion of a text. A poem on the other hand is a form of writing that takes the nature of a song and a speech and it is almost rhythmical in most cases and usually metaphorical exhibiting different formal elements which include a stanzaic structure, rhyme and meter. A critical analysis of a poem therefore should break down a poem and study its parts to give the evaluation or opinion of the entire piece.

A step-by-step guide on how to write a critical analysis of a poem

While writing poems, authors are very deliberate with their choice of words as well as the format that they use to convey meaning. Most poets hope that their poems will be read aloud. This is why they strive to maintain high lyrical quality. Others strive to maintain interesting rhythms in punctuating the elements of their poems. As you write a critical analysis of a poem, depict an intimate appreciation of it.

Step 1: Read the poem

To critique a poem, you should read it severally to understand what the speaker is saying or what the main message of the poem is. If there are unusual or difficult words, find their meaning. In most cases, the title will give you the summary or general meaning of the main idea or thought that is being presented.

Step 2: Know who the speaker is

The speaker in a poem can be an elderly person, a child, a shepherd, a student, a swordsman, a sailor, a milkmaid, an animal or an object such as a chair, a place or a mountain. Speakers in poems speak differently.

Step 3: Identify the main theme of the poem

Start your critical analysis by identifying the major or specific theme in the poem that gives it a larger meaning. To identify this theme, you need to consider or study the entire poem including its title. Maybe the poem that you are analyzing is about losing innocence, growing old, or importance of preserving the environment. The overarching or major theme of a poem can come out clearly or it can be hidden in its presentation and words.

Step 4: Establish the context

The context gives the location and time of a poem. This is usually what prompts the creation of a poem. A poem can be prompted by a political event which has a great importance in the history of a country.

Step 5: Identify inter-textuality

This implies that a poem looks back to another poem. This is also called reference. If a poem has this aspect, include it in your analysis and show how it enhances the message or its delivery.

Step 6: Identify the genre of the poem

Genre is simply the category. There are characteristics and rules of each genre. For instance, a poem that comprises of a long narrative dealing with demi-gods or divine figures and describing incredible journeys or terrible wars that determine humanity fate is called an epic poem. A sonnet on the other had is a short poem with 14 lines in which intimate emotions are expressed. Other poem genres include mock-epic, lyric, ballad, parody and ode among others.

Step 7: Create a checklist for your critical analysis

You should come up with a checklist that will guide you as you review or analyze the poem. A checklist will enable you to analyze or dissect the poem into separate pieces in order to understand it as a complete piece better. For instance, you can come up with a checklist that includes the title, genre, viewpoint, setting, meter, rhyme scheme, context or conflict. Make the elements in your checklist your guide while writing the critical analysis of the poem.

Step 8: Review the poem’s plot

While reviewing the plot, answer the following questions after reading the poem:

  • What is going on in the poem?
  • Who is affected by what is going on?

Your answers to these questions will enable you to understand what exactly the poem is describing. This will enable you to apply the meaning of the poem in the analysis.

Step 9: Analyze the poem’s rhyme scheme

Note that, not every poem has a rhyme. Nevertheless, most poems are written with the hope that they will be read aloud and therefore they have a rhyme scheme. Perhaps, this is one of the most important steps of a guide on how to write a critical analysis of a poem because you must read and analyze the poem carefully to notice its rhyme scheme. Before you conclude that the poem under analysis does not have a rhyme scheme, read it aloud with a friend or alone. Listen to its sound instead of simply looking at its words. This will enable you to identify its rhyme scheme and analyze it.

Step 10: Analyze the format

A poem can be a free form. This means that it does not have an identifiable pattern. It can also have a unique writing scheme. The format of a poem is usually a deliberate choice of style or act by the writer. Describe the format chosen by the author in your critical analysis and what it could mean as well as how it hinders or help in communicating the message.

Step 11: Analyze the used figurative language

Poetry uses a wide range of literary devices which include personification, metaphor, simile, metonymy and irony. Apart from constituting the body, these devices also demonstrate the control of language by the author. Therefore, it is highly important that you evaluate and analyze the use of figurative language in the poem.

Step 12: Create a thesis statement

On the basis of your comprehension of the meaning of the poem, create a thesis statement for your critical analysis. Note that while writing any academic piece, you should have a strong, clear thesis statement.

Step 13: Gather evidence from the poem to support the controlling idea or thesis statement

In the body of your critical analysis, cite actual lines of the poem to support your thesis. This will make your critical analysis credible and strong. Readers will get clues of where your thesis statement came from because it will have adequate supporting evidence from the poem.

Step 14: Write the analysis

At this step, you already know how to write a critical analysis of a poem and you have all the information required to write a critical analysis of a poem. Use your checklist to write your critical analysis.

Your critical analysis should include the following:

The introduction should include:

  • Title of the poem under analysis
  • Author of the poem
  • Publication information
  • Purpose or topic statement
  1. Thesis statement that indicates your reaction to the poem
  2. Description or summary of the poem
Provide a summary or brief description of the poem that you are analyzing critically.
  • Evaluation or/and interpretation of the poem

Use your checklist to analyze or evaluate or discuss different aspects of the poem as described in the steps of this guide.

Draw conclusions from your analysis. Tell readers what was the goal or theme of the poem that you were analyzing, tools that were used in conveying the main idea or theme of the poem, how they were used and whether they were effective.

Bonus tips on how to write a critical analysis of a poem

While writing a critical analysis of a poem, try to help the writer and the reader know how the poem would have been made better. Provide suggestions on how the writer can improve the work. However, point out instances where the author is inconsistent or not clear and then provide concrete advice to the writer.

When critiquing the work of another person, be constructive. Do not say unnecessarily harmful things about the poem. If you must say something negative about the poem, provide supporting evidence.

  • Review the content of the poem

In your critical analysis, say whether the author was redundant in terms of the used imagery or chosen words. For instance, did the author use varying syllables, meters and vowel rhymes? How did the author choose the words to use in the poem? Did the author use irony, similes, metaphors or symbolism properly? Were they used consistently?

  • Use a sample of a critical analysis of a poem

To easily know how to write a critical analysis of a poem, use a critical analysis sample as your writing guide. A good sample will enable you to know where and how to present different elements of your analysis. You can find an example of a critical analysis of a poem here .

We can help you with your critical analysis of a poem

Get in touch with us now if you need help with your critical analysis essay of a poem or visit the homepage of our website for additional information regarding our writing services. Alternatively, keep reading for more guidelines on how to write a critical analysis of a poem on our blog .


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Guidelines for writing an analysis of a poem - #1 - Free Online Essays and Research Papers, Term Papers

A poem ess a y gener a lly me a n s writing critic a l a n a lysis of a given poem. It will involve discussing the writing style of the poet, the b a sic theme of the poem a n d the mess a ge it conveys to its re a ders. The ess a y style will be gener a lly in the for m of a liter a ry a rticle a n d ess a y for m a tting like the A P A /ML A /Chic a go/H a rv a rd, will be a s the te a cher instructs. Given below is a n ex a mple of a n ess a y a n a lyzing the Sh a kespe a re a n sonnets.

Willi a m Sh a kespe a re (1564-1616) is one of the most domin a n t writers in the world of English liter a ture a n d perh a ps in a rgu a bly the gre a test pl a ywrights of the English Ren a iss a n ce period. He h a s 37 pl a ys a n d154 sonnets to his credit th a t c a rry his n a me. His sonnets a re extremely popul a r a n d represent the m a n y ph a ses of life, written by the poet in different times……

M a king of English poetry a n a lysis is r a ther difficult t a sk. You should be very a ttentive when doing it.

Poetry is the sep a r a te world of emotions. Excitement, emb a rr a ssment, a dmir a tion, dis a ppointment, of fense… Wh a t a gre a t v a riety of different feelings poem s c a n reve a l! So, if you h a ve got a n a ssignment to m a ke English poetry a n a lysis, you will h a ve to do a gre a t de a l of work. You t a sk will be to expl a in wh a t a poet w a s going to s a y by writing his/her poem. Other words, you will h a ve to decode his/her mess a ge.

Poem Ess a y- B a sic Guidelines
A poem ess a y gener a lly me a n s writing critic a l a n a lysis of a given poem. It will involve discussing the writing style of the poet, the b a sic theme of the poem a n d the mess a ge it conveys to its re a ders. The ess a y style will be gener a lly in the for m of a liter a ry a rticle a n d ess a y for m a tting like the A P A /ML A /Chic a go/H a rv a rd, will be a s the te a cher instructs. Given below is a n ex a mple of a n ess a y a n a lyzing the Sh a kespe a re a n sonnets.

The simplest w a y to describe a Poetry Ess a y is a s a n ess a y th a t ev a lu a tes poem s. Such a n ess a y t a kes a deep look a t the words, sounds a n d emotions used in a poem. It then a n a lyzes the w a y in which they a re used a n d expressed. This type of ess a y must a n a lyze the topic of the poem a n d the mess a ge th a t the poem is trying to convey. Equ a lly import a n t a re the words used a n d the rhythm th a t the poem h a s cre a ted.

Bruce D a we Ess a y
Be for e you st a rt writing your Bruce D a we ess a ys, get to know whether you h a ve to provide a complex a n a lysis of one of his poem s, a n d your tutor expects you to write a n ess a y on poem s or to discuss his cre a tive development a n d biogr a phy in gener a l.
1. If your Bruce D a we ess a y is devoted to the a n a lysis of a cert a in poem. the following points should be disclosed in your Bruce D a we ess a y:
- Subject of the poem ;
- M a in ide a of the poem ;
- Me a n s of conveying the m a in ide a in the poem :
- met a phors;
- epithets;
- simile;
- hyperbole;
- metonymy;
- oxymoron.

In the poem “Herit a ge” by Lorn a Dee Cerv a n tes the spe a ker goes b a ck to the pl a ce of her
f a milies decent to find her herit a ge, only to discover despise a n d h a tred from her people.
A lthough she is of the s a me decent a n d r a ce of the people the see her a s a tr a itor bec a use she w a s
r a ised A meric a n. The poem s im a gery shows how h a rsh the people a re a cting tow a rds Lorn a Dee
Cerv a n tes a n d describes the setting. The poem gives the impression th a t herit a ge is a n object.
This shows th a t in Mexic a n culture herit a ge is more th a n skin deep a person h a s to
a ctu a lly live their culture a n d herit a ge to be a ccepted.

M a n y of us a re studying poetry right now. Poetry is something, which incre a ses our knowledge on liter a ture, history, ment a l well being, views on everything a round us. A t le a st once a ye a r our pr of essor give us a poem. a n d a sks to write a n ess a y on it, or simply a sks to write a poetry ess a y, a n d lets us to decide the theme a n d topic of the ess a y.

College-level ess a ys a bout liter a ture usu a lly follow Modern L a n gu a ge A ssoci a tion (ML A ) style. ML A h a s very specific guidelines for quoting a n d citing lines from poem s. Citing lines of poetry is a lw a ys the s a me, but for m a tting quot a tions depends on how m a n y lines you quote.
Step 1
Remember first th a t a n y ex a ct wording from poem s must be properly quoted a n d cited. Pl a gi a rism occurs when you do not quote a n d cite m a teri a l correctly. Most likely, your instructor h a s outlined the pen a lties for pl a gi a rism in your cl a ss.

Enh a n ce Your Knowledge with Poetry Ess a ys
Cre a tion of poetry ess a ys is the most difficult t a sk of the English course. If you a re a ssigned to write a n ess a y a bout poetry, it me a n s th a t you h a ve to produce your interpret a tion of a cert a in poem you a re going to a n a lyze.

How to Write a Poem s Ess a y.
Ess a ys on poem s c a n be written a s a n a rgument a tion ess a y, persu a sion ess a y a n d m a n y other types of ess a ys. If you w a n t to write a n effective Poem s Ess a y, it is imper a tive th a t you h a ve a cle a r underst a n ding of wh a t this kind of writing is a ll a bout. When you a re a ssigned poetry ess a ys by your te a cher, you c a n write a n ess a y on a n y ess a y length a bout the v a rious different elements of a poem. T a ke a look a t some of these elements: