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Transport vocabulary for kids learning English

transport printables
english vocabulary for kids

Choose from five different types of worksheets designed to learn and practise English vocabulary related to the theme Transport.

Below you can view worksheet images, learn handy details about each of them, then download and print the resources you are interested in.

Our printables are in pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these resources.

  • vocabulary words
  • There are ten vocabulary words that appear in our printable Transport word games: bike, bus, car, helicopter, lorry, motorcycle, plane, ship, train, van .
  • Not all word games have all of these words. Mostly, there are nine vocabulary words in each worksheet, except our flashcards that cover all the vocabulary for the unit.
  • In the regular crossword we use definitions as clues. You can find the definitions for each word on the following pages: wordlist and picture dictionary .
  • bingo! cards
  • worksheet »
  • Bingo! cards are a fun way to build language skills. You can use them for introducing and practising vocabulary, and they are great to play word games. Also, kids can collect them to make their own picture dictionaries.
  • flashcards
  • flashcard set »
  • Flashcards make learning fun. They are a great tool for presenting, practising and revising new vocabulary. Also, you can use them to play different word games such as memory, matching or guessing games.
  • picture crossword
  • worksheet »
  • answer key »
  • For beginners and young kids. Great for practising and revising new vocabulary. In this activity, kids use the picture clues to figure out the words that go in the crossword.

Choose from five different types of worksheets designed to consolidate and revise English vocabulary related to the theme Transport.

Below you can view worksheet images, learn handy details about each of them, then download and print the resources you are interested in.

Our printables are in pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these resources.

  • vocabulary words
  • There are ten vocabulary words that appear in our printable Transport tests and quizzes: bike, bus, car, helicopter, lorry, motorcycle, plane, ship, train, van .
  • Our vocabulary quiz has ten questions (definitions), each with four possible answers (words). You can find the definitions for each word on the following pages: wordlist and picture dictionary .

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ESL Kids World Transport Worksheets - Vehicle printables

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Ten Transportation Activities for Kids - Art and Transportation


With these ten activities, students will learn all about how people and products get from place to place.

This lesson idea that can be carried on through many sessions. The idea is to introduce and discuss different modes of transportation and in the end, create one or more transportation artifacts.

water, air, land, boats, cars, automobiles, ships, sailing, walking, movement, bicycle, sled, canoe, airplane, truck, schoolbus, skateboard, skates, airport, vehicles, driver, pilot, captain, traffic light, horn, windshield wipers, safety belts, steering wheel, trains, fuel, gas, tires, dump truck, pick-up truck, station-wagon, sports car, garage, tractors

Discuss different modes of transportation on land, sea and in the air. Talk about how people get to where they are going (school bus, ferry boat, car etc.) Incorporate field trips wherever possible. Take a trip on a school bus, walk around the school parking lot to look at cars, visit the airport, bus station or train station. Watch videos that show different forms of transportation. Look at travel magazines. Ask if anyone has been on a plane. a train. a horse. etc. Ask how students get to school everyday. How do kids in other countries travel? Leave lots of time for discussion. Make sure to review safety rules (seatbelts in cars, obeying traffic signals, walk and don't walk signs). Don't forget to discuss how products are delivered. couriers with trucks, airplanes etc. How does the mail travel?

  1. BULLETIN BOARD ACTIVITY: Students can collect images of different types of transportation and add them to a bulletin board that has been divided into Land, Sea and Air.
  • TRANSPORTATION MURAL: Students can work together to create a transportation mural (one for land, one for sea and one for air).

  • SOUND PICTURES: What sounds do the various modes of transportation make? (train whistle, truck horn, police car siren) How would these sounds appear if we were to draw them? Provide crayons and paper for students to experiment with the colors and shapes of transportation sounds.

  • TOY CAR PRINTMAKING: Using old toy cars and tempera paint, allow students to dip the cars into paint and "drive" them across paper to see what kinds of marks the tires make.

  • LICENSE PLATE RUBBINGS: Using old license plates (or plate on cars in the parking lot) allow students to do rubbings of the plates. Provide paper and crayons for the rubbings.

  • SHAPE VEHICLES: See how many types of transportation vehicles can be created using the basic geometric shapes (triangles, squares, circles, rectangles). Have students cut their shapes out of construction paper and arrange them to create vehicles.

  • PAPER BOATS: Make paper boats using the directions found HERE. Decorate them with bright crayon colors.

  • PAPER AIRPLANES: Make paper airplanes using the directions found HERE. Decorate them with bright crayon colors.

    What You Need:
    String or yarn; coat hangers; thick paper; paint; brushes; scissors; hole punch; markers or crayons

    What You Do:
    After discussing how people and products get from place to place, students can create drawings and paintings of various modes of transportation on thick paper. The pictures can be painted or decorated with markers or crayons. Once complete, the pictures can be cut out and put together in a mobile. by punching holes in the pictures and hanging them from a coat hanger that has been wrapped with yarn or raffia. **Have your students write facts on the back of each of their modes of transportation. (ie trucks deliver newspapers; people travel on airplanes etc.)

  • TAKE A TRIP ON A ZEBRA: Have students consider what life would be like without cars or trucks. What if we traveled by riding animals? Not just any animals: elephants, zebras, tigers, ducks etc. Students can draw or paint their ideas on paper.

  • Essay on land transport for kids

    transportation Early History of Transportation

    Throughout most of human history, people's movements on land were restricted to those speeds and distances that could be attained by walking. The use of sledges, pack animals, and then draft animals pulling wheeled vehicles increased the distance that early men could traverse and the amount of goods that they could transport (see wheel ).

    Long-distance transportation was mainly by water—on rivers and lakes, along seacoasts, and from island to island, usually in sight of land. Early vessels, propelled by currents and by paddles or poles, included rafts made of reeds or branches, boats made of skins, and dugout canoes. Later vessels used sails, which harnessed the wind. Extensive water commerce was carried on by the civilizations in ancient Phoenicia, around the Aegean Sea, and along the valleys of the Nile River in Egypt, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, the Indus River (now in Pakistan), and the Yellow River in China.

    Some of the earliest long-distance overland trade routes date from around 2000 BC. These were the trails along which amber was carried from near the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Starting in the 6th century BC. the Persian rulers Cyrus and Darius built a road system in their empire. Around the end of the 4th century BC a road system was built in the Maurya Empire of India. Camel caravans carried silk from China to Europe on trails that perhaps predate the 4th century BC. By the 3rd century AD the road network of the Roman Empire had reached Britain, Gaul (modern France), and the eastern Mediterranean region.

    During the Middle Ages, improved sailing vessels and the magnetic compass made open-sea voyages out of sight of land much safer (see navigation ). Voyages of discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries greatly enlarged the world known to Europeans. An extensive sea trade developed, with merchant vessels carrying gold and silver from Latin America, tea and spices from the Orient, and slaves from Africa.

    Meanwhile, advances were being made in bridge and road construction, and the lock gate for canals was developed. Between the 16th and 18th centuries an extensive canal system was built in France. Transportation improvements in 18th-century Great Britain included the establishment of a turnpike (toll road) system and the use of iron for bridge construction. In 1815, John Loudon MacAdam first built a macadamized road, surfaced with compacted broken stone.

    The American Indians did not have wheeled vehicles. Some tribes carried goods on an A-shaped drag called a travois. Indian trails often followed animal trails. For inland water transportation the Indians and later the European colonists used dugout, bark, or skin canoes (see Indians, American ).

    Late in the 18th century gravel roads were introduced in the United States. One of the first was a toll road, the Lancaster Turnpike in Pennsylvania. Plank roads and corduroy roads, made of lumber or logs laid side by side on the roadbed to overcome dust and mud, were built in the 1830s and 1840s. By the early 1800s transportation was being provided by animal-drawn Conestoga wagons and stagecoaches.

    Flatboats were common on inland waterways. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 heralded a great era of canal building that linked the Atlantic seaboard with the lands west of the Appalachians. After 1818, packet ships regularly sailed across the Atlantic to Europe. In the mid-1800s, fast, efficient clipper ships were built to sail from Atlantic ports around South America to California and the Orient.

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