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Creager Sculpting Lesson 7 Homework

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JOB SCULPTING (LESSON 5) Choose five factors which are important for you, discuss them with Tanya

2. Quantitative Analysis

Some people aren�t just good at running the numbers, they excel at it. They see it as the best, and sometimes the only way to figure out business solutions. Similarly, they see mathematical work as fun others consider it drudgery, such as performing a cash-flow analysis, forecasting the future performance of an investment instrument, or figuring out the best debt/equity structure for a business.

they excel at it

5. Counseling and mentoring

For some people, nothing is more enjoyable than teaching � in business, that usually translates into coaching or mentoring. These individuals are driven by the deeply embedded life interest of counseling and mentoring. People with a high interest in counseling and mentoring can be recognized by the fact that when they talk about their previous work they often talk fondly about the people who worked under them and where they are now � like a parent would talk about his or her children.

deeply embedded life interest

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Creager Studios: May 15, 2011

Got up this morning thinking what new thing do I have to share on my blog. I am in-between dolls. no trips planned, the weather is average, no new recipe. so I started going through my boxes and baskets filled with old pictures, ideas, poems and stories and these 3 photos literally 'popped' out at me. (actually I picked up a stack of stuff and these 3 pictures fell out of the lot) so one who believes in signs..I saw this as one and scanned to share.

Now the explanations as to what these pics are. first off. they are VERY old dolls of ours from many many a moon ago. (YIKES. near 20 years ago). I had almost forgotten about these characters. and like an old friend it is always wonderful meeting up with them again. I figure anything that makes you smile and think fondly of old times is a very good thing. right!

These were made before we had anything other than a 35mm and a 4x5 camera. ahhhh the wonderful wacky days of film photography. each shot nerve wracking until you had them developed. praying all along to the Film Gods for decent shots! (no photoshop either) lol.

So these were just a few examples of Richard's and my early polymer clay dolls. as you can see, I was just learning but damn we had fun! Each stood approx. 12-13 inches tall then. and as with our work now. we made each and every thing that you see in the shots.

Bucket, rocks, leaves and icicles of 'Jack Frost'. and the second one 'The Show must go on' is one of our favs of all times. Richard designed and built the stage, stools, all the accessories including the little Thermos and cup, the sandwich and even the bag of tiny pretzels and beer can. I painted the backdrop setting and made the puppets. we LOVED all of the details and kept adding and adding. had to finally stop. LOL!

Went to a great collector friend of ours.

The third was our beginning and first fascination with ventriloquists and their 'dummies' The Great Ventrillo and his Pal Barney'. The Great Ventrillo had a wicked sense of humor. he was reading to Barney ' Woodpeckers of North America'. poor Barney is a tad nervous and does not appreciate the humor. Richard made all the accessories including the small oak chair and mic and bowler. Sold him at the Disneyworld Doll Show.

Those really were some fun dolls and each holds a great memory for us.

I always think it is fun to share past works and to never forget the starting places of careers.

I have always said, artists learn from each piece they create, growing and discovering new paths to walk down. and from past works to the work we all create now. if the journey has taught lessons and the creations have brought smiles. then you are a success in your chosen field.

Thanks for stopping by.


Creager Studios My name is Jodi Creager…my husband Richard and I have been full time Professional Doll Makers for 34+ of our 37+ years together. I came from a family of musicians, actors, scenic artists, writers, lighting directors and a real ‘ Pirate’ thrown in for good measure. I was named Jodi by Louie Armstrong, my family traveled a lot with my Dad’s Music, I have had a vivid and active imagination since early childhood. laced with Imaginary Friends, Fairies in the garden, giants that hid behind mountains and Real Ghosts that resided in my home. I have been in love with ‘Art’ since I first found out what it was. I painted portraits, sculpted in clay, created in cloth and designed my own jewelry. But it was the Doll that captured my heart and stayed with me. My life has been an interesting Feast so far…peppered with good friendships. seasoned with delightful journeys and marinated in a lifetime of memories … I am always excited to see what banquet lays waiting just around the next bend in the road… View my complete profile


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