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WWE 2K14 Jeff Hardy can be unlocked without DLC

WWE 2K14 Jeff Hardy can be unlocked without DLC

What are your thoughts on the WWE 2K14 roster after the launch of the game? Are you happy with the total amount of wrestlers, or are there some missing that you would love to see via WWE 2K14 DLC? One of these is undoubtedly Jeff Hardy, but you may want to know that there is a way to unlock Jeff Hardy in WWE 2K14.

We have a video to show you which provides evidence of this. You may not have explored this part of the game, but the WWE 2K14 Community Creations section is an amazing way to find some wrestlers that the community have created that may not find their way in WWE 2K14 officially.

You’ll be stunned to see just how authentic fans can create wrestlers from scratch, and we can see that this process has been applied to Jeff Hardy, who we all know left WWE for TNA many months ago. He is still a firm favorite with fans though and you can unlock him in WWE 2K14 by using the creation tool.

Simply search for his name and choose the first result that comes up, you’ll see that there are already healthy reviews for this creation and already over 30 downloads for Jeff Hardy. The appearance will feature his blue face paint that we have been seeing in TNA, whilst obviously he will come with his full moveset as well – hopefully we can show you some gameplay soon.

The download time shouldn’t take long at all on PS3 or Xbox 360. Watch the video below courtesy of YouTuber TomCushnie and let us know what you think of this Jeff Hardy custom edit. Do you think that DLC for the official Jeff Hardy is not needed now after this?

Who else would you like to see in the game?

Why not people like Matt Hardy or Jeff’s alter-ego Willow the Wisp

Can someone please make King Mabel and Bam Bam Bigelow…this game really could do with more fatties.


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WWE2K14 Best of Save (Released 4

Spirito 15 Feb 2014

Here is my yearly best of save for WWE2K14 on the Xbox 360.  Managers and Nonplayable characters have been hacked for in game play, Chyna is a female caw hacked to play as a male, all 100 caws have renders, Universe mode is set up for classic WWF, TNA, WWE, ECW and WCW shows, custom TNA, UFC, NWA, Jeff Hardy and Hurricane Helms titles have been made, 'most' caws have custom crowd signs attached to them (probably 200 in total added to the game), all caws have moveset's and entrances + stables and tag teams are set up in both Universe mode and my WWE mode and a large majority of in game wrestlers have alt color attires.  Save to be released the morning of Wrestlemania XXX.  Follow @BigChrisSpirito on twitter for more info and updates.

Kingbdl 15 Feb 2014

How do I get saves?
How do I get saves?

J_Ritty 16 Feb 2014

Nice work - not a fan of the roster, but nice work. Can you pm me with info on how to replace renders. Thanks.

PyresOfVaranasi 16 Feb 2014

Love the render for your own caw XD

MKKHAN 16 Feb 2014

when be on live.  

Che5ter666 16 Feb 2014

Do you have renders for female CAWS? E.g Paige and Emma? Great work by the way.

santacaw 17 Feb 2014

how do u get a save and can u please put in

undertaker big evil

Spirito 17 Feb 2014

when be on live.  

Only certain caws will be uploaded to CC. Currently there's 5 or 6 on live just search user BigChrisSpirito

KJTremaine15 17 Feb 2014

when be on live.  

Only certain caws will be uploaded to CC. Currently there's 5 or 6 on live just search user BigChrisSpirito
With Renders?

Che5ter666 17 Feb 2014

We would need the save for all the CAWS?

MikeThriller 18 Feb 2014

when be on live.  

Only certain caws will be uploaded to CC. Currently there's 5 or 6 on live just search user BigChrisSpirito

Will there be more added? These renders are great!

phatboe 19 Feb 2014

Only certain caws will be uploaded to CC. Currently there's 5 or 6 on live just search user BigChrisSpirito 

what wrestlers are the 5 or 6 on live?

Spirito 19 Feb 2014

Only certain caws will be uploaded to CC. Currently there's 5 or 6 on live just search user BigChrisSpirito 
what wrestlers are the 5 or 6 on live?

Chris Spirito, John Morrison, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. Many more to follow.

kingteezy101 19 Feb 2014

Wassup Spirito I downloaded ur kurt angle last nite and not bein a ass r nothin but for ur caw to have a render its not really that detailed i mean its average imo and could use alot more work. ppl like myself download or want caws with renders yea for sure it makes the game jus that more authentic but if the caw is not a good one i rather not even waste my time. Thats why so many of us now can care less about render caws cus ppl dnt seem to care about the quality of the exactle superstar but rather have a great render. Smh jus put more work into ur craft homie before u show off ur work. I'll even help make sum great caws with u and u add the render or something but im jus bein honest the fans of the game our sick of basic caws with dope renders. real major butt hurt homie. In all tho still thanks for ur work jus dont half ass u have alot of ppl high hopes. Good luck my dude

Mr. Penguin 19 Feb 2014

It's not his caw I'm pretty sure he uploaded it for other people who can't go online.

kingteezy101 19 Feb 2014

Pretty sure its his he uses the word my alot and not ours or so an so's. If so credit is not bein givin were needed and im pretty sure spirito is not the kind of guy to claim others work as his homie.
Im givin helpful advice because like the title says best wwe 2k14 save. Thats what me and plenty others are going to expect

Mr. Penguin 19 Feb 2014

2K Reveals - Custom Suite - Feature for WWE 2K14: Custom Superstars, Titles - Arenas; Screenshots Included

2K Reveals “Custom Suite” Feature for WWE 2K14: Custom Superstars, Titles & Arenas; Screenshots Included

2K today revealed the latest in WWE 2K14 news, the WWE 2K14 Creation Suite. Not only does the Creation Suite enable players the most creative freedom in WWE Games history, it also takes the lead as the most comprehensive creation suite in gaming. WWE 2K14 brings in-game customization to a new level, enabling players to develop their own custom Superstars and championships, and even tailor arenas and entrances to their liking. Please see below for full details and screenshots.

  • New Superstar Heads allows the user to fully customize select WWE Superstars’ body and attire (including John Cena, CM Punk, Roddy Piper, Daniel Bryan and Undertaker) with the ability to set them as separate characters or alternate attires
  • New ability to apply social media callouts for created Superstars
  • For the first time ever, entrance attires can now be customized within Superstar Threads
  • Custom Superstar save slots have been doubled to 100
  • A host of new parts for more creative freedom
  • Custom Championship allows the ability to create an original Championship. Customize the color of titles and apply logos, decals and sculptural reliefs to the front and side plates
  • Custom titles can be placed up for grabs in Universe Mode
  • New arena designs and venue size types
  • New stage designs and much more
  • New motions, music, and videos in Custom Entrance mode
  • Ability to cast the positions of tag team and 3 man tag entrance motions
  • Story Designer, Create-a-Finisher, and Custom Logos also return for the most in-depth creation suite yet.

Below are screenshots of the new feature:

WWE 2K14 Create-a-Wrestler Tips

WWE 2K14 Create-a-Wrestler Tips

WWE 2K14 features a very impressive roster of wrestlers, with over 80+ current superstars, Legends and Divas ready to hit the ring – with even more being added later via downloadable content. Still, there's always the yearning to expand the roster, whether it's with wrestling greats that aren't with the company (we're looking at you, Colt Cabana) or the yearning to make yourself into a wrestling guru.

Not to worry. WWE 2K14 comes with a number of create-a-wrestler options that allows you to create wrestlers from the deepest corners of your imagination. Want to bring the icon Sting over from Impact Wrestling? You can do so – albeit unofficially – and pit him against the Undertaker, if you prefer. That's just one of the thousands of wrestlers you can put together here.

The number of create-a-wrestler slots for WWE 2K14 has doubled since last year, with 100 spots available to store your grapplers. That provides insurmountable expansion, and more opportunities to "run wild" with what you can put together.

Here are some tips to help get you started…

How do I get started in WWE 2K14's customization mode?

There's no better place to start from the ground up. You can use a general default model and tweak everything from body size to strength to facial features with just a few tweaks from the menu. WWE 2K14's customization engine is amongst one of the deepest found in a video game – and for this year's edition, 2K Games even went the extra mile.

For the first time ever, you can use certain wrestlers as templates for Create-a-Wrestler mode, including John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, the Rock, and the Undertaker, among a few others. So, if you really feel like adding some bulky body weight to Daniel Bryan, you finally can – even though you can't shave off that massive beard of his. While you're at it, you can give C.M. Punk some saddlebags in the legs and make his knee kicks really count for something. (Just don't tell him when you see him in person, he might not be fond of the extra pounds.)

The body and face features aren't the only things you can adjust. You're also able to use custom logos for attire, as well as other outfits that you can mix and match. So, if you want to modify that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin skull shirt so badly, now it's at your disposal. Once you save a dream outfit, you can keep it with your wrestler through all the game's modes, if you prefer.

How do I Style and Profile?

Appearance isn't the only thing you can tweak with your wrestlers. In WWE 2K14, you can also create a custom entrance and finisher for them, even going as far as setting up a theme for them to enter to – with so many available from the World Wrestling Entertainment universe. You haven't seen anything until you've seen C.M. Punk come out to a modified Triple H theme. It's a little ridiculous, but plenty of fun.

The modifiable finishers go deep as well. You have a number of moves that you can choose from, whether you want to set up a face or leg-based submission or a technique that'll really knock the wind out of your opponent. Ever want to see what John Cena can do with monstrous hands and the mother of all chokeslams? Here's your chance.

How do I Add a Belt to My Created Wrestler?

The create-a-championship options have really opened up alongside the wrestling ones in WWE 2K14. In prior games, you could only adjust the colors of certain titles. This time around, though, you can create your own championship from scratch, including adjustments to front panels, side panels and the general colors of the belt. This is a grand opportunity to recreate the long-lost Hardcore championship that existed in the early 2000's for the company – or maybe a better Divas title, if you're not too fond of pink.

A Good Wrestler's Gotta Have Enemies

Finally, with your wrestler, you can create a rivalry with a fellow wrestler right off the bat. Just find out who you want to get into a campaign with – selecting from a variety of male and female superstars, depending on your wrestler's gender – and then start lining up events in the WWE Universe mode. The more you get on your bad side, the better your rivalry will be down the road when your "big match" comes. If you like, you can also select what kind of match and venue your rivalry will take place in – or create your own arena from 20 new selections (which we'll cover in our forthcoming WWE Universe special).

Why Be Normal? Go Nuts

With Create-a-Wrestler, you're not just stuck modifying the small things on a wrestler. You can go nuts and create people out of the blue. Prima Games staff! Evil clowns! A zombie wrestler, if you've got the facial features down. For that matter, bring back Kurt Angle! The choices are yours, and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

How to Play WWE 2k14: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Play WWE 2k14 Steps Edit

Learn the basic moves. Luckily for WWE 2K fans, majority of the controls to move around your wrestler has not been changed. Actions such as walking, running, grappling, and other basic wrestling moves has been kept intact lowering the learning curve for new players.
  • You will initially notice that the pacing of animations, especially superstars, has been increased. The sped up animation helps players experience a more realistic and fast paced matches just like what we watch on TV.
  • Superstars will now have random generated starting up animation when you make them run just to add up more realism to their movements.
  • Small actions such as fixing a wrestler’s hair or wristband has been added as well. These movements such as taunts might not be that impacting to an actual match but it surely adds depth to a wrestler’s looks. These small things, again, lessen the repetitiveness of a wrestler’s movements.

Attack wisely. Since attacks are now faster, reversals are not as effective as before. This means that also on your end, you can get spammed with punches from your opponent so learn to dodge, guard, and apply reversal.
  • When a reversal is successful – the wrestler will execute a signature move of his own! This eliminates the chain reversals that was present on previous WWE 2K games.
  • When facing two opponents at once, you can execute special moves such as the Double Attitude Adjuster and the Double Chokeslam.

Learn the finishers. Nothing is more than satisfying that bring forth finishers or smackdowns on your opponent. Finishers can be executed with different triggers depending on the wrestler you are controlling. Some needs to put their enemy first on the floor for them to execute a finisher, some needs to put their opponent to the ropes. So be sure to know how your player executes his finisher.
  • A new trigger for finishers is by throwing your opponent in the air and applying your finisher on him on his way down.
  • The 2 player mode is one of the most effective mode to practice yagersaur basketball prowess. Simply start a quick game and you are off to the old exhibition mode between you and a friend. An AI team opponent can also be arranged.
  • You might want to work on your outside shooting mostly since NBA 2K14 made it harder now for players to hit those nasty three pointers. Also, the AI of the opposing players are now tweaked to make it harder for you to drive and simply shoot that ball into the basket.

Use your environment. You can use your surroundings to your advantage while fighting an opponent. Your match does is not limited inside the boundaries of the ring. You can use the ring post, tables, chairs, and other stuff that you can use as a weapon.
  • Be careful not be disqualified by using prohibited items in the ring. You can get away with it especially when the referee is not looking.
  • There are special moves that are incorporated with damages dealt with the environment such as the DDT on Apron and Boot-to-head on outside ring post.
  • In hardcore matches or TLC’s, make sure you equip yourself with ‘weapons” because these modes encourages using environmental weapons to beat your opponent.

Explore the modes. There’s a lot of modes available for you to explore in WWE 2k14. The developers see to it that all the bases are covered when it comes to wrestling modes.
  • Normal mode includes one on one, fatal 4-way, and triple threat match.
  • Two on two includes tag team and its other variations such as mixed, elimination, and tornado tag. 6-man tag variations are also available in this mode.
  • Handicap match includes one to two (up to three) matches. There’s also a gauntlet mode.
  • Backstage brawl mode is just like normal only taking place at the backstage.
  • Battle Royal includes fatal 4-way and 6 man with an option to add a special referee.
  • Elimination chamber includes normal and tornado tag mode.
  • Extreme rules includes one on one, tornado tag, fatal 4-way, triple threat, and an option for a special referee.
  • Hell in a cell is back and with one on one, tornado tag, 6 man, 4way, and triple threat variations. Again, a special referee can be added in this mode.
  • I quit, Iron man, Submission, Last man standing, and Inferno match just have one on one option.
  • King of the ring, Gold rush, and Tag team has several variations including singles, one on one backstage brawl, iron man, TLC, extreme rules, and others.
  • Ladder match mode includes one on one, triple threat, fatal 4 way, and 6 man. Another variation of this mode is Money in the bank.
  • Steel cage and TLC mode includes one on one, fatal 4 way, 6 man, and triple threat. Table mode’s variations just like the Steel cage with just an addition of elimination tag.
  • Royal rumble of course offers the most number of wrestlers in one match. It can be a 10 man Royal rumble up to 40.
  • Title match can be any mode with the championship belt at stake!

Customize the rules. Each match has a set of rules. Fortunately, these rules can be adjusted to your preference. From winning conditions to ring designs – you can adjust these to your liking.
  • Make sure to adjust the rules only if you would like a customized experience of the wrestling match. Otherwise, leaving the rules and settings as is makes the chosen match mode based on the actual match mode in WWE 2k14.

Experience years of Wrestlemania. If you are a fan of WWE, this section will truly inspire you to unlock all achievements of the game just to be a part of the hall of fame and be one of the legends!
  • This section is more like a tribute and a look back on the history of WWE. You will play as the legends as they battle it out with some of their most memorable matches ever.
  • This also unlocks a lot of legendary wrestlers and arenas by competing the objectives a certain match requires you to meet.

Unlock rewards. As you play the game, you will also ear trophies or achievements as rewards. Certain rewards are tricky to earn and some are just plain easy. Either way, completing all rewards can really be satisfying and can add more re-playability to your game.
  • Once you complete all 41 rewards, you will earn the final reward All Trophies Earned.

Create your wrestler. One of the most interesting features of WWE 2K series is its WWE Creation mode. Creating your own superstar has always been a fantasy for all WWE fanatics around the world. Through this mode, they can actually customize a player’s looks to their likelihood and even tweak it’s move sets to your favorite WWE superstars.
  • You can obtain two achievements/trophies just by creating your character. These rewards are Woo Woo Woo. and One of a Kind Superstar.
  • Adjusting your wrestler’s threads affects your fans’ signage and its attire’s color scheme.
  • There’s also an entrance section where you can customize how you go out from the backstage, approach the ring, and enter the ring. It could be a mixture of existing wrestler entrances. Advance creation option allows you to make your entrance even more detailed and unique.

Play online. It is really satisfying when you see your creation battle it out with other players around the world! Whether it’s just one on one or ranked matches – playing online surely adds value to your game since this will test how you go head to head with other WWE fanatics out there. Playing against a real person is really different compared to playing against an AI.
  • You can customize your search for your online opponent. If you feel like you are ready to face a tough enemy – by all means, go ahead and look for a high level opponent that can give you a good match.
  • Rankings is also available in case you need to see how you are doing globally. You can easily access DLC content here from the WWE shop.
  • Again, there are two rewards available when you play online. These trophies/achievements are A Winner is You and A Fresh Beginning.

Visit the WWE shop. Some WWE 2K14 contents are just available through purchase via WWE shop. If you have money to spare, you may want to visit the shop and try to see what you can add to your collection. From wrestlers to costumes – you can find it here.