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The Green Mile Essay Research Paper For

The Green Mile Essay Research Paper For

The Green Mile Essay, Research Paper

For my third quarter book report I read The Green Mile written by Stephen King.

This book is about an old man, Paul Edgecomb, recalling his experiences when he worked

as the cell block captain in Cold Mountain state penitentiary. Paul was the cell block

captain of death row in this Alabama correctional institute.

This story takes place in a nursing home. The narrator Paul is writing a book about

when he was cell block captain in 1932. During the time he is writing his book he points

out how people never change, how there is always the bully, and so on. He compares

writing the book to a time machine. Both seem to take him back to 1932, and every last

detail is clear.

This book made me feel involved. As the reader you start off in the

nursing home, with Paul, and you go through his days until he is done writing the book.

You follow him and hear everything he thinks and does. Stephan King does an excellent

job using many detail, and sensory images.

The title fits the book perfectly. On death row Paul describes the floor as being a

lime Green, and death row is often called the mile. Therefore, in this book Paul and the

other death row guards call their territory the Green Mile. Another reason this is a good

title is because more than three fourths of the book takes place on the Green Mile. Not

only is the Green Mile the name of the cell block that Paul and the other guards head, but

in this book it is referred to as an idea. The Green Mile is used as a synonym to the road of

death. During his account of what happened in 1932, he speaks of a gift he has earned.

This gift keeps him from dying in a timely fashion. So the end of the book after he has

wrote his book his, and has nothing left to live for he comments on the gift he has, and

says “but sometimes, oh God, the Green Mile is so long”.

Back in 1932 a prisoner arrived on the Green Mile, his name was John Coffey. He

was a well built, tall, could not remember much, and was African American. He was found

guilty of murdering, and raping two young girls. Because he was African American, in

Alabama, in 1932 he had no chance of being acquitted. On top of that, he was found with

the victims in his arms. After he was in on the Green Mile for a while, Paul wondered if

this man could have committed such a violent crime. Paul discovered John Coffey had a

healing power. Then after further investigation, Paul learned there was no way John could

have committed those crimes. So Paul was faced with the issue of John Coffey’s

innocence, and if he could work out a way of letting Coffey go free, or die.

Stephen King is the author of nine screen plays, and more than thirty books. He

live in Bangor Maine with his wife Tabitha King. He has won many awards, and his books

are always on the top of the New York time best sellers list.

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"The Green Mile" Paul Edgecomb is in charge of the Coal Mountain Louisiana State Penitentiary's death row. The cell black is nicknamed "The Green Mile" due to its green linoleum floor, the path that a prisoner must walk from his cell to the room with the electric chair. Paul, a man of such dignity and good will, treats each prisoner with respect. Along with three other workers with him especially his best friend, Brutus Howell, their goal is to make the condemned men pass the last days in a respectable, dignified manner. Their routine is overturned by the arrival of three men, one is an absurd guard, the second is a sociopath prisoner, and finally a giant African-American prisoner. The guard, Percy Wetmore is a coward and a sadist. He owes his position to political connections, and his fondest wish is to see a man get executed up close. . read more.

Percy fails to prepare the prisoner properly and as a result cooks him to death rather than electrocuting him. The second half of the plot concerns the rapidly approaching moment of John's own execution. Paul, by this point is convinced not only that John is innocent, but also that he is a messenger of sorts from God. Paul does not want to have to answer for killing John by saying that he was just doing his job. He offers john a chance to escape, but he refuses, saying he is too tired and weary of seeing suffering and cruelty around him. On an accuracy level, this novel shows a fair example of a Christian's point of view. John Coffey, to the many, he is a convicted child killer. To a few, namely the prison guards, he is an innocent man and one of God's true miracles. His powers extend to visions and he directly feels the pain of others. . read more.

Through further research, I came across a surprising fact on John Coffey's name. His name is "just like the drink, only not spelled the same". Notice the initials; John Coffey is a Christ figure. Jesus Christ is the drink! 1Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, "If anyone is thirst, let him come to Me and drink." (John 7:37). John's initials are not accidental, in some ways. I agree that he is capable of miracles, specifically healing the sick. But does that make him a Christ-like character? Only at the most superficial level. Jesus does not perform miscellaneous miracles. He defined a new system of ethics, established his twelve disciples to follow him and to determine to spread His gospel. Therefore, the fact that his miracles can perform many great things; he has "infected" others with life. He is a faith-healer version of Christ. 1 Canadian Bible Society. Good News Bible. (Great Britain, 1976) John 7:37. . read more.

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    1. But with no-one else believing in Johns innocence Paul has to prove John has done no wrong doing. The rest of the narrative is concerned with establishing just that. When we first see John we don't exactly feel sorry for him, he's comes out of a van with a close-up on his massive feet.

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    The Green Mile
    Stephen King wrote The Green Mile. The Green Mile comes in either the series or one big book. There are six books in the series. The names are 1. The.

    Stephen King wrote The Green Mile. The Green Mile comes in either the series or one big book. There are six books in the series. The names are 1. The two dead girls. 2. The mouse on the mile. 3. Coffey�s hands. 4. The bad death of Eduard Delacroix. 5. Night journey. 6. Coffey on the mile. The Green Mile is about a man named Paul Edgecombe writing a diary about his life on the mile. The Green Mile is

    The Green Mile
    For my third quarter book report I read The Green Mile written by Stephen King. This book is about an old man, Paul Edgecomb, recalling his experiences when he.

    about John Coffey�s time during his stay on the mile. Coffey is in prison on death row for a crime he supposedly committed. The crime, killing two young and innocent girls. Coffey meets many people on the mile. One of them is Eduard Delacroix. Eduard Delacroix is French, and has made a friend named Mr. Jingles. Mr. Jingles was first named Steamboat Willy by the prison guards. John Coffey is a large man, even though he is scary looking and

    Green Mile
    The Green Mile was about a murder of two girls. When the father is told by the mother that the 2 little girls are missing, he gets a whole.

    big he is very friendly. The book goes on about how a normal day on �The Mile� is. The novel is one of King�s better works. Out of ten I rate The Green Mile a 9. After you start reading the novel it gets going and doesn�t stop until the end of the book. Why read a long slow book when you can read The Green Mile?

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    King, Stephen - The Green Mile

    King, Stephen - The Green Mile

    Black, docile, slow, not educated

    Frightened in the dark

    Paul: narrator headscrew, married, had a urinary infection and so he found out that Coffey has a "gift of God"

    Percy: mean, brutal, evil, related to the governor

    Wharton: evil, crazy, mad, he actually murdered the twins, he is a good actor (plays the quiet sick man and then he starts fighting, when they bring him to the E-Block)

    About the electric chair:

    Old Sparky is sitting upon a plank platform at the southeast corner of the storeroom. He has stout oak legs. broad oak legs. broad oak arms that had absorbed the terrorized sweat of scares of men in the last minutes of their live and a metal cap .A cord ran from it and through a gasket - circled hole in the cinder block wall behind the chair. Before an execution a sponge was soaked in brine to better conduct the charge of direct current electricity that ran through the wire. through the sponge and into the condemned man`s brain -> Usually King only wrote facts. but when he used expressions like. terrorized sweat. it makes you feel horrified and anxious .

    The capital punishment:

    The criminal walks down the Green Mile. (corridor ) stops at the office and a priest prays with him. He walks further the corridor and stops in the storeroom. where Old Sparky is placed .( About forty chairs and /or witnesses are in place ). The criminal sits down in the electric chair and his ankles get secured. Also the warders clamp his wrists. Then one of the guards says. Roll on one !" Then he says to the criminal :". you have been condemned to die in the electric chair. sentence passed by a jury of your peers and imposed by a judge in good standing in his state. God save the people of this state. Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out ?"

    Then the criminal has time to say something. before he gets the mask. the wet sponge and the metal cap .

    After that the guard says. electricity shall now be passed through your body until

    you are dead. in accordance with state law. May God have mercy on your soul. Roll on two !"

    Effects on the witnesses

    moral. it`s immoral to be a murder now too. just because somebody killed a relative. you don`t make anything better !

    physical :They get sick and lose consciousness. even the doctor

    They watch somebody dying and many of them cannot really handle that

    psychological. They feel eased. because they think that the horrible past has stopped now. They don`t want to think about it anymore.

    Repetitions between the executions

    They get shaved

    They leave their cells with no protest

    Walk up the Green Mile

    Office. pray ( with brother Schuster ) Lot of people sit in their chairs to watch Sit down. fix feet

    Get mask on. wet sponge

    First step. roll on one. warden talks to him. roll on two. doctor comes

    Percy on position didn`t put on the wet sponge ( didn`t make it wet ) Burned · stunk ·

    Witnesses lost consciousness

    Paul takes necklace

    Everybody is really sad -> cries. Paul prays with Coffey Dettericks shout mean things

    Doesn`t get the mask ( afraid of darkness ) Paul gives him his hand

    Rehersal Del. Percy is on the head position King critizes:

    He criticize death penalty when he lets the people ( reader ) know. that Coffey didn`t kill the kids. but Wharton. But Coffey gets killed. He shows how brutal death penalty can be and how hard the job for wardens sometimes is.

    The Detterick case

    Claus Dett. & his wife live in a farm house with their twin girls Cora & Kathe.

    On a warm night in June asked for and were given permission to sleep on the screen - enclosed side porch of the house. Their mother kissed them good night and this was the final time she saw them until they were in their coffins and the undertaker had repaired the worst of damage.

    Next morning Klaus & Marjorie went out onto the porch and found it empty. The screendoor had been yanked off and on the boards of it were spotters of blood. They found Brower, the dog, lying dead in front of the porch.

    A group of men started to search for the twins. They found Cora & Kathy lying in the arms of the biggest man they've ever seen. Their bodies were bloody, they had been rapped and killed apparently by this big black man, John Coffey.

    mouse Melinda Paul

    Percy stepped on it tumor urinary infection almost dead almost dying bad sickness

    Let bad things out of his mouth Everything gets lightened

    They got old then ( mouse. Paul )

    Can`t remember remembers (sickness ) everything

    many people around many people around alone with Coffey Del watched it

    Took mouse in hand kissed her touched penis Gives him necklace brings cornbread Why Mister Jingle

    1.) Mr. Jingles shows the good character of Delacroix
    2.) Mr. Jingles shows at the end that the story is true. when Paul shows him to Elaine (age shows it's a wonder) .
    3.) Mr. Jingles structures the story: they find parts of his spool-> remember everything.
    4.) Mr.Jingles shows Percy`s bad character - he hates the mouse, wants to kill it.

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    Green Mile Theme Essay Essay

    Green Mile Theme Essay

    By: July • Essay • 388 Words • March 22, 2010 • 630 Views

    Green Mile Theme Essay

    The Green Mile by Stephen King is the story of man with god-given powers of healing sentenced to death and the change he cause in the prison guards. The themes of compassion and sacrifice can be seen in this novel.

    The theme of compassion is very much a part of this book. One part especially shows this truth. Percy, a prison guard, crushes a death row prisoner's pet mouse, which the prisoner loved more than life itself. This cruel act displays Percy's extreme lack of compassion and how little he cares about other people. Also, this action blazes the way for another heartless act of ruthlessness. When Percy is scheduled to be the executioner on death row, he "accidentally" does something wrong. Instead of taking the standard precautions to make death by the electric chair swift and painless, his mistake makes the death of Eduard Delacroix go slowly and painfully. After causing this agonizing death, Percy gets what he deserves and is never mentioned again.

    When a towering black man named John Coffey is sentenced to death by the electric chair, the prison guards assume that he was as guilty as any death row prisoner. But later, they start to believe that he is being punished for a crime which he did not commit. They learn that he was found holding two dead girls and thought to have killed them. The