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Hyphenated Words

Hyphenated Words
  • We saw a twelve-year-old with his mother.

But how do I know if a word should be hyphenated or not?

Well, the best option would be to check a recent dictionary. However, if you follow the below rules, you shouldn't have much trouble either.

1. We use the hyphen with two or more adjectives before a noun that act as one idea .

  • I don't have much time: family, full-time job and other responsibilities.

2. We use the hyphen with expressions where words are linked by usage to express one idea.

  • That tall man over there is my father-in-law.
  • This is a top-notch thriller.

3. We use the hyphen with fractions and ordinal numbers consisting of two words.

For example:

4. We use the hyphen with words prefixed by self -, all -, ex -, or cross -.

  • To give up smoking you need to exercise your self-discipline.
  • I'm still good friends with my ex-girlfriend.
  • The process of de-Stalinisation is almost over in this country.

But in what cases we do not use the hyphen?

1. We do not use the hyphen with compounds using comparative or superlative adjectives.

  • This is a better written book.

2. We do not use the hyphen with modifiers using a letter or numeral as the second element.

  • This is a class A priority—we must do it first.
  • A carefully planned day of activities.

4. We do not use the hyphen with chemical terms.

  • There is a strong concentration of sulphur dioxide in the test probe.

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Sight words list

Sight Words List

S ight words are common words that are found in everyday print; they make up over 50% of all written material. There are many sight word lists circulating today. The most prominent lists were published separately by two PhD’s, Dolch and Fry.

Dolch’s sight word list contains 220 service words. He categorized these words into the following five groups: pre-primer, primer, first, second and third. Dolch intentionally excluded nouns from this list.

Fry created a list containing the most common words in English. The first 100 words make up over 50% of all written material. His list contains 1,000 words, the table above includes the first 225.

Sight Word List

The table below contains both Dolch and Fry’s sight word lists. This information was provided above in separate PDF files.

Sight Word List

Another option is to contact your school to obtain a sight word list. If they do not have one readily available, consider using the lists below to assist your child in obtaining a sight word vocabulary.

Our kindergarten curriculum identified 25 sight words that a child should automatically recognize by the end of kindergarten. They also provided additional words for a child who mastered the first list of sight words.

First Grade Sight Words

By the end of first grade, a child should automatically recognize and correctly spell sight words.

2nd Grade Sight Words

Sight words are no longer in vogue; the terminology changes from sight words to wall words. These words are typically displayed on a wall, students should spell these words correctly.

  • Adele Lightner December 8, 2012, 8:02 am

I work as a Nanny on an ad hoc basis and have one familie whose children watch sight words on TV. Being that I’m not ad advocate for using TV as a babysitter I decided to print out a list of words, bring my Scrabble Game with me tonight and see if I can get the boys interested.

For that reason I consulted your site and printed out words. Hopefully I will be able to teach them nouns and verbs, at least; being that the younger one is only 3, the other one 6, but has some difficulty concentrating. TV, for him, is an escape, and I would love to have him escape to a world of beautiful words.

  • Elizabeth May 23, 2013, 7:44 pm

    This is very useful information. Thank you!

    • Joshua T. Precioso November 20, 2013, 9:22 pm

    Thank you very much it helps me a lot in helping my children learn how to read.