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Short Story on Female Infanticide Sample - Murder Essay Examples

Short Story on Female Infanticide

The Twins Aakansha who lives in London with her father is forbidden to visit her ancestral home back in the Jaisalmer district of rajasthan. A photographer by profession,she was an avid traveller and was going to undertake an assignment in india and therefore she decided to visit her hometown to see how lives have changed there in the last 31 years. Accompanied by her photographer accomplice arun they drove to khimsar and visited there ancestral haveli.

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The sole caretaker of the house bid them welcome and after serving them with refreshment he told him the reason why her father was all this while been against her thought of visiting their ancestral home and it shocked aakansha to utmost. She had read her dead mothers diary which had shocking revealation of that place and she had seen her father being badly disturbed on hearing her homevisit plans but now she was stunned by the old man’s speech. He told them that they had never allowed any female child to live in that village and they used to drown them in the village pond which now holds the curse of over thousand baby girls drowned alive.

When Aakansha’s money conceived and gave birth to twin baby girls the villagers were prepared for the custom to take place as Aakansha’s father had also been part of that evil practise when a female child was born in other families. So to escape the murder of 2 innocent babies,Aakansha’s father decided to spread out the news that they had a single baby girl who was according to the custom taken to the village pool and drowned,while they escaped with the only girl left with them and in the last 31 years they have never turned back to the village.

Since then several babies have been killed by drowning them in that cursed water and therefore drought and calamities have gripped the village and they never could prosper. Aakansha was now weeping profusely on the thought of her sister being sacrificed for her. Arun was also stunned that he is a part of such a society where innocents are being sacrificed just because they are considered a burden on the society. Admiting this shocking fact they accepted their fate and while leaving next morning they went to the village pool,prayed for all the lost souls and carried on with their journey

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Female infanticide essay

Female infanticide essay

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Soapbox Speech: China - s Female Infanticide

Soapbox Speech: China's Female Infanticide

China's Female Infanticide

Tied up in urine soaked blankets, scabs of mucus growing across her eyes. Her face, slowly shrinking to a skull, whilst malnutrition devours her two-year-old frame.

Good morning, Let me ask you, could you let this dreadful occurrence happen to your daughter? Your own flesh and blood? Straight after you have given birth to her? I know I couldn't! It's disgusting! Outrageous! And makes my stomach churn twice over. Sadly, this happens everyday over China, without question or protest. Something must be done! This issue is too inhumane to overlook. We can't just sit back and let the innocent die!

The practice of discrimination against girl babies is called, 'Female Infanticide' and has existed in China way back before the foundations of the People's Republic in 1949. However, the patriarchal views, that man are more superior to women in their society has been around since before most ancient Chinese writings were written.

These cultural beliefs that stand against women show why most parents in China wish for a son, and I quote, "their culture dictates, that when a girl marries, she leaves her family and becomes part of her husbands. For this reason, Chinese peasants have for many centuries wanted a son to ensure there is someone to look after them in old age - having a boy child is the best pension a peasant can get." The Dying Room's Trust,New York Times,November 2,1997. J.Lowes

While these views are so wrong in themselves, China, is currently sitting at staggering 2.1 billion people, growing by 21 million annually. These statistics show China is on the boarder line of economic instability, thus becoming reasons for why they brought in a new system, to keep the small, overpopulated country under control. This system is called, The One child Policy.

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WriteWork contributors, "Soapbox Speech: China's Female Infanticide," WriteWork.com, http://www.writework.com/essay/soapbox-speech-china-s-female-infanticide (accessed February 24, 2017)

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Essay on female infanticide

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Essay on female infanticide

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