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Cold Mountain (novel)

Cold Mountain (novel)

PS3556.R3599 C6 1997

Cold Mountain is a 1997 historical novel by Charles Frazier which won the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. [ 1 ] It tells the story of W. P. Inman, a wounded deserter from the Confederate army near the end of the American Civil War who walks for months to return to Ada Monroe, the love of his life; the story shares several similarities with Homer's The Odyssey . [ 2 ] The narrative alternates back and forth every chapter between the story of Inman and that of Ada Monroe, a minister's daughter recently relocated from Charleston to a farm in the rural mountain community called Cold Mountain from which Inman hails. Though they only knew each other for a brief time before Inman departed for the war, it is largely the hope of seeing Ada again that drives Inman to desert the army and make the dangerous journey back to Cold Mountain. Details of their brief history together are told at intervals in flashback over the course of the novel.

The novel, which was Charles Frazier 's first, became a major best-seller, selling roughly three million copies worldwide. It was adapted into an Academy Award-winning film of the same name in 2003.

Frazier has said that the real W. P. Inman was his great-great-uncle who lived near the real Cold Mountain. which is now within the Pisgah National Forest. Haywood County, North Carolina. Frazier also used Hendricks County, Indiana. native John V. Hadley's book Seven Months a Prisoner as the inspiration for the novel. [ 3 ]

The novel opens in a Confederate military hospital near Raleigh, North Carolina. where Inman is recovering from battle wounds during the American Civil War. The soldier is tired of fighting for a cause he never believed in. After considering the advice from a blind man and moved by the death of the man in the bed next to him, he decides one nightfall to slip out of the hospital in order to return to his home at Cold Mountain, North Carolina.

At Cold Mountain, Ada's father soon dies. The farm, named Black Cove, that the genteel city-bred Ada lives on is soon reduced to a state of disrepair. But she is saved from destitution by a resourceful-but-homeless young woman named Ruby, who soon moves in with her. Together, they soon clean the place up and return it to productivity. Ruby also teaches Ada how to survive in these very different times.

Inman soon becomes aware of the Confederate Home Guard. who hunt down military deserters from the Confederacy. He meets a preacher called Veasey, whom he catches in the act of attempting to murder his pregnant lover. After Inman dissuades him, they travel together. They butcher a dead cow that had fallen into a creek and the cow's owner, Junior, gives them away to the Home Guard. They are put into a group of other captured prisoners, and march for days before the Home Guard decides to simply shoot them because they are "too much trouble." Veasey steps forward to try to stop them and is killed. Inman survives when he takes a graze from a bullet that has already gone through Veasey and they think he is dead. They dig a shoddy mass grave and Inman pulls himself out, helped in part by some passing wild pigs. He cannot bury Veasey so he turns him face down and continues on.

Inman's journey is rough. He faces hunger and an attempted armed robbery at a rural tavern even though he carries a LeMat revolver for protection. Occasionally he is helped and sheltered by civilians who want nothing to do with the war. Through cunning ingenuity he helps one of them track and recover a hog, her only possession and source of food for the winter, which had just been seized from her by Union soldiers. He is also helped by a woman who owns goats, who gives him advice and medicines to finally heal his wounds.

Ruby's father, Stobrod, is caught stealing corn at Ada's farm. Ruby reveals he was a deadbeat who abused and neglected her when she was very young; he is also a Confederate deserter. Nevertheless Ruby grudgingly feeds him. Soon he returns another day with a simple-minded friend named Pangle. Together they entertain everyone by playing the fiddle and banjo. However the Home Guard, led by the sadistic Captain Teague, eventually track them down and shoot them. A third companion, referred to as "Georgia," escapes the killing and goes off to alert Ada and Ruby. The two women ride and find Stobrod barely alive. Ada and Ruby pitch camp to give him a place to recover.

After Inman arrives at Black Cove to find it empty, he sets out to find Ada on the mountain. Unexpectedly he soon encounters her out hunting wild turkeys. Both have changed so greatly in their appearance and demeanor since they parted that it is some moments before they recognize one another. Inman takes up camp with Ada and Ruby. Ruby is afraid Ada will dismiss her now she has a husband, and Ada reassures her that she needs her as a friend and for her ideas and help. Ruby gives the pair her blessing. Later Ada and Inman make love. They happily begin to imagine the life they will have together at Black Cove and make plans for their future.

However, as the party begins the trek back to the farm, they encounter the Home Guard. A shootout commences in which Inman kills all the members of the Home Guard except for 17-year-old Birch, Teague's vicious protégé. Inman eventually corners the boy against a rock ledge where he is reluctant to shoot him down in cold blood. However, after attempts fail to convince Birch to lay down his arms and leave, the boy shoots and kills Inman.

Ada is left a pregnant widow. She raises her daughter at Black Cove where she lives with Ruby and Stobrod. Ruby has married the boy from Georgia, named Reid, and has three children.

Awards and nominations Adaptations

It was later adapted for the screen by director Anthony Minghella in the 2003 film Cold Mountain . starring Jude Law. Nicole Kidman. and Renée Zellweger. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards. including Best Actor for Jude Law, and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Renée Zellweger.

The novel has been adapted into an opera, Cold Mountain . which was presented during the 2015 summer festival season by The Santa Fe Opera. in co-commissions and co-productions with Opera Philadelphia and the Minnesota Opera. The work was composed by the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner in music, Jennifer Higdon. from a libretto written by Gene Scheer. It was Higdon's first opera. [ 6 ]

Cold Mountain has received a mixed critical reception. "Kirkus Reviews" in The Atlantic praises Frazier’s use of language, writing "Frazier has Cormac McCarthy 's gift for rendering the pitch and tang of regional speech, and for catching some of the true oddity of human nature." Kirkus goes on to say that Cold Mountain is "a promising but overlong, uneven debut." Again the critic praises and rebukes the novel, stating "the tragic climax is convincing but somewhat rushed, given the many dilatory scenes that have preceded it." The length of the novel and the slow pace of the storytelling are again brought into question when the critic claims "there's no doubt that Frazier can write; the problem is that he stops so often to savor the sheer pleasure of the act of writing in this debut effort." [ 7 ] The online periodical Publisher’s Weekly produced a more positive review of the book’s writing: "Frazier vividly depicts the rough and varied terrain of Inman's travels and the colorful characters he meets." Publisher’s Weekly goes on to say that "Frazier shows how lives of soldiers and of civilians alike deepen and are transformed as a direct consequence of the war's tragedy." [ 8 ]


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Cold Mountain Essay - School Essays

Cold Mountain Essay

"I am coming home one way or another, and I do not know how things might stand between us. I first thought to tell in this letter what I have done and seen so that you might judge me before I return. But I decided it would need a page as broad as the blue sky to write that tale, and I have not the will or the energy.1" This passage somes up the whole story in three sentences, yet only hints at the complexity of Inman's experiences and situation. Throughout the story we see the compromises Inman must make to survive. And as each day progresses the manner by which the various characters interact changes. This poses the question, how does the Civil War affect the social relationships.

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collapses, whether by trade embargoes inhibiting the exportation of goods or investments falling through. With the deterioration of the elite's wealth, confusion and anarchy rules, usually ending in inflation and devaluation. This is evident in Cold Mountain, Ada's family wealth, once very generous, is stripped down to one farm consisting of a few acres and a moderate house. Basically due to the lack of return in investments from Charleston, Ada is financially confined to a farm she does not even know how to run. Beyond the brake down of income the instability of the Northern and Southern Governments results in paper money losses the bulk of its value, very similar to Russia's Ruble today. With this devaluation, the third dimension means of bartering (use of paper money instead of goods) is lost. Along with this change any luxury item also losses the bulk of its' value. For example, to acquire essential items, Ruby must trade Ada's piano. During the Antebellum period this.

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must protect their country and home and second, all men were expected to enlist, for this war was about rights and as Thomas Jefferson notes, "not to defend ones rights when called upon is treason." After the departure of the men, women had to deal with an entirely new threat. Without the masculine presence, Federal and Confederate troops regularly looted and wreaked these women's homes, taking food and any other good of value. Of course in Cold Mountain this is precisely what happen to Sara, left alone after her husband, John leaves to fight for the Confederacy she attempts to maintain their large garden/small farm to run and take care of a new born. A few days after Inman volunteers.

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Cold Mountain by Frazier Charles

This is a romantic love story about fidelity, friendship and a ridiculous cruelty of war. Ada is a beautiful daughter of a priest. One day she meets a silent and thoughtful Inman. The civil war starts and their affair is suspended. Inman goes to the front. He promises to come back with the victory. The years are passing but the war isn’t stopping. Ada is waiting for her beloved. Is he alive? Does he remember her? The young woman hardly copes with the difficulties of a daily civil life. The memories about Inman, love and expectations give her strength to live. Inman realizes that his beloved Ada is exhausted, her heart is torn. She asks him to come back. Inman leaves the front and starts going home to cold Mountain and becomes a deserter.

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wintery, smoothed, watered, envied, stroking, ruby, bargainer, hardtack, healed, plowing, priced, hatless, achieved, circled, bush, chained, wasting, woodcutter, exchanged, lord, believing, uncombed, legged, seized, tightened, bursting, tine, dreamless.

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Cold Mountain Essay

Cold Mountain Essay | Essay Nature Used as Symbolism in "Cold Mountain"

Summary: Essay describes the novel "Cold Mountain" written by Charles Frazier.

In the novel Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, nature plays an important role throughout the book. Nature is used as symbolism and to foreshadow what will happen in the future. After Inman left the war he wants simply to be relieved of the bloodshed, which he does by going back to the mystical Cold Mountain. Inman's main goal is to make peace with Mother Nature and live with her in harmony. He feels that Cold Mountain is the quintessence of this relationship he wants. His journey to Cold Mountain involves much interaction with nature. All Inman wants is peace with nature and reaching Cold Mountain will achieve his goal.

Inman had seen the lives of too many people taken. People fought in the Civil War for what Inman thought to be a meaningless cause. After seeing all the people next to him die when fighting, Inman had had.

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Реферат: Cold Mountain Essay Research Paper The setting

Cold Mountain Essay, Research Paper

The setting for Cold Mountain is in the state of North Carolina during the Civil War time period. Most of the key events happen in Cold Mountain. Inman tries to go back to Cold

Mountain because Ada’s home is near Cold Mountain. When he reaches Cold Mountain he can go to Ada’s home.

The plot of Cold Mountain is to reunite Inman and Ada. Inman deserts the Confederate army a few years after the start of the war, and he tries to go back to Cold Mountain where

he can find Ada’s home. On his way to Cold Mountain Inman faces many challenges. Some of the challenges he faces are:

1. He has to hide from the home guard so they can’t capture him and take him back

2. He has to hide from federal raiders so he won’t get killed on his way back

3. He has to find food and shelter everyday

The challenges stated above are just some of the challenges he faces, he faces many more challenges that I have not mentioned above. Also on the way to Cold Mountain Inman

meets many different people. Some of these people help Inman and others just endanger his life.

Ada & Inman Difference, and similarities are the things that make relationships interesting. Having different points of view, different believe keeps the people involve in relationships busy trying to learn a little bit from each other. In relationships similarities are used as a balance. Similarities keep the relationship from being all disagreement. Having similar goals, hobby, interest keep the relationship healthy. In the novel Cold Mountain the author Charles Frazier portraits two characters Ada and Inman, that have both differences and similarities which enhances their relationship in to a balance more interesting one. Ada and Inman are the main characters of the novel. This two characters have many differences in their life. The first difference came in their childhood. Ada as a child was a responsible student that strobe for academic excellence. In the other hand the only knowledge given by the author of Inman in school is when he drop out of it because he was afraid for a punishment his teacher was going to enforce upon him, because he threw his hat out the window (pg5). The second major difference comes in the form of Cold Mountain. This place is seen by Inman as a beautiful place he can go to forget, relax, and to be reborn. He believe this thanks to his Indian friend Swimmer who tells Inman that Cold Mountain is the closes thing to the heavens (pg19). Adas view of Cold Mountain is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Adas sees Cold Mountain as ” Visible moisture- light haze, dense valley fogs, tatters of cloud hanging like rags on the shoulders of Cold Mountain” (pg35). The third major difference is found the way they feel about small town life. Ada comes form city life. She lived in Charleston before moving to the country there for she had a view of the country that was not in the positive side (pg53). In the other hand Inman sees the country as his home. A place were every body is kind and peaceful. He is deeply attach to his small town life. But not everything where differences between the characters of Ada and Inman. There were also some similarities between them. The first similarity is found in their believe of the supernatural. Their characters both see superstition as a last resort for hope. Ada sees a man coming to town in a reflection in a well (pg49), this image she believe is the image of the person that?s going to solve her problems. Inman?s supernatural believe is the hope that Cold Mountain is a magical place were he can be reborn (pg23). They also agree in the thought that they need some one to help them continue their life. they need companion ship and some to express their feelings and believe to. One of the major points of the novel is the believe that nature is a the perfect shelter to protect them self from harm (pg66). In Ada?s case from the harm of public opinion, and in Inman?s case from the harm of war. This couple have well balance characteristics. They both agree on some and disagree on others. Through out history, the most common problem that couples face has been just plain boredom. This leads to infidelity because the spause is looking to fill the hole the partner leave open in the relationship. To avoid boredom a couple should have a balance, well rounded relationship. And to achieve balance the most important factors that should be present are similarity, and deference. Something that the main characters of this novel have in perfect in perfect harmony.