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English Class System After Ww1 Essay

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English class system after ww1 essay

1. How important are class differences in modern society?

People in modern Britain are very conscious of class differences. They regard it as difficult to become friends with somebody from a different class. This feeling has little to do with conscious loyalty, and nothing to do with a positive belief in the class system itself. Most people say they do not approve of class divisions. Nor does it have very much to do with political or religious affiliations. It results from the fact that the different classes have different sets of attitudes and daily habits. Typically, they tend to eat differ¬ent food at different times of day (and call the meals by different names), they like to talk about different topics using styles and accents of English, they enjoy different pastimes and sports, they have different values about what things in life are most important and different ideas about the correct way to behave. Stereotypically, they go to different kinds of school.

2. What are the signs that make it possible to guess the class of a person?

An interesting feature of the class structure in Britain is that it is not just, or even mainly, relative wealth or the appearance of it which determines someone's class. Of course, wealth is part of it - if you become wealthy, you can provide the conditions to enable your children to belong to a higher class than you do. But it is not always possible to guess reliably the class to which a person belongs by looking at his or her clothes, car or bank balance. The most obvious and immediate sign comes when a person opens his or her mouth, giving the listener clues to the speaker's attitudes and interests, both of which are indicative of class.

But even more indicative than what the speaker says is the way that he or she says it. The English grammar and vocabulary which is used in public speaking, radio and television news broadcasts, books and newspapers (and also - unless the lessons are run by Americans - as a model for learners of English as a foreign language) is known as ‘standard British English’. Most working-class people, however, use lots of words and grammatical forms in their everyday speech which are regarded as ‘non-standard’.

Nevertheless, nearly everybody in the country is capable of using stand¬ard English (or something very close to it) when they judge that the situation demands it. They are taught to do so at school. Therefore, the clearest indication of a person's class is often his or her accent. Most people cannot change this convincingly to suit the situation. The most prestigious accent in Britain is known as ‘Received Pronunciation’ (RP). It is the combination of standard English spoken with an RP accent that is usually meant when people talk about ‘BBC English’ or ‘Oxford English’ (referring to the university, not the town) or ‘the Queen's English’.

RP is not associated with any particular part of the country. The vast majority of people, however, speak with an accent which is geographically limited. In England and Wales, anyone who speaks with a strong regional accent is automatically assumed to be working class. Conversely, anyone with an RP accent is assumed to be upper or upper-middle class. (In Scot-land and Northern Ireland, the situation is slightly different; in these places, some forms of regional accent are almost as prestigious as RP.)

3. What has changed in the way people wish to identify themselves during the last quarter of the 20th century?

During the last quarter of the twentieth century, the way that people wish to identify themselves seems to have changed. In Britain, as anywhere else where there are recognized social classes, a certain amount of ‘social climbing’ goes on; that is, people try to appear as if they belong to as high a class as possible. These days, however, nobody wants to be thought of as snobbish. The word ‘posh’ illustrates this tendency. It is used by people from all classes to mean ‘of a class higher than the one (the speaker) belongs to’ and it is normally used with negative connotations. To accuse someone of being posh is to accuse them of being pretentious.

Working-class people in particular are traditionally proud of their class membership and would not usually wish to be thought of as belonging to any other class. Interestingly, a survey conducted in the early 1990s showed that the proportion of people who describe themselves as working class is actu¬ally greater than the proportion of whom sociologists would classify as such! This is one manifestation of a phenomenon known as ‘inverted snobbery’, whereby middle-class people try to adopt working-class values and habits. They do this in the belief that the working classes are in some way ‘better’ (for example, more honest) than the middle classes.

In this egalitarian climate, the unofficial segregation of the classes in Britain has become less rigid than it was. A person whose accent shows that he or she is working class is no longer prohibited from most high-status jobs for that reason alone. Nobody takes elocution lessons any more in order to sound more upper class. It is now acceptable for radio and television pre¬senters to speak with ‘an accent’ (i.e. not to use strict RP). It is also notable that, at the time of writing, none of the last five British Prime Ministers went to an elitist school for upper-class children, while almost every previous Prime Minister in history did.

In general, the different classes mix more readily and easily with each other than they used to. There has been a great increase in the number of people from working-class origins who are house owners and who do tradi¬tionally middle-class jobs. The lower and middle classes have drawn closer to each other in their attitudes.

1. Do British people approve of class divisions?

2. What determines a person's class?

3. Why is the manner of speech so important?

4. What English do we study?

5. What is ‘inverted snobbery’?

Additional Reading A Note on the British Money System

The fundamental unit of British money is the pound. Before 1971 there were 20 shillings in the pound and 12 pence in the shilling, and thus 240 pence in the pound.

The coins in use were the following: a half penny, a penny, a three¬pence, a sixpence, a shilling, a two shilling piece (called also a florin) and a half-crown (worth two and a half shillings). The coin worth a quarter of a penny and called a farthing was no longer in use after the Second World War. There were also banknotes of 10s (ten shillings), £1 (one pound) and £5 (five pounds).

In 1971 there was a reform of the British money system, introducing the decimal principle. There are now one hundred newpence in the British pound, and the shillings have disappeared. The new coins are: a half penny, one penny, two pence, five pence, ten pence, and fifty pence. In everyday speech, the contraction ‘p’ (pronounced [pi:]) is generally used instead of the full word ‘pence’.

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