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As English Literature Coursework Other Than A-g

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AP Course Audit - AP English Literature And Composition

January 31, 2017

Teachers - Deadline for the initial submission of course materials for the 2016-17 school year. Please download Practice Exams from within your Course Audit account.

Administrators - Last day to: Approve Course Audit forms, renew courses, remove teachers not teaching or courses not being offered, and add Online/Distance Learning courses for the current school year. Please record syllabi ID numbers for UC A-G program submission (State of California only).

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Teacher > AP English Literature & Composition

The AP® Program unequivocally supports the principle that each individual school must develop its own curriculum for courses labeled “AP.” Rather than mandating any one curriculum for AP courses, the AP Course Audit instead provides each AP teacher with
a set of expectations that college and secondary school faculty nationwide have established for college-level courses. More

AP teachers are encouraged to develop or maintain their own curriculum that either includes or exceeds each of these expectations; such courses will be authorized to use the “AP” designation. Credit for the success of AP courses belongs to the individual schools and teachers that create powerful, locally designed AP curricula.

The AP English Literature and Composition course should be designed by your school to provide students with a learning experience equivalent to the introductory year of college literature course work. Your course should engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of literature. Through the close reading of literary texts, students deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers.

Students enrolling in AP English Literature and Composition are expected to have had training in reading and writing Standard English.

All students who are willing and academically prepared to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum should be considered for admission to AP courses. The College Board encourages the elimination of barriers that restrict access to AP courses for students from ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the AP Program. Schools should make every effort to ensure that their AP classes reflect the diversity of their student population.

High schools offering this exam must provide the exam administration resources described in the AP Coordinator’s Manual .

Course Description
Describes in detail the AP course and exam. Includes the curriculum framework and a representative sample of exam questions.

Review this resource to establish your understanding of the objectives and expectations of the AP course and exam.

Curricular/Resource Requirements
Identifies the set of curricular and resource expectations that college faculty nationwide have established for a college-level course.

Example Textbook List
Includes a sample of AP college-level textbooks that meet the content requirements of the AP course.

Syllabus Development Guide
Includes the guidelines reviewers use to evaluate syllabi along with three samples of evidence for each requirement. This guide also specifies the level of detail required in the syllabus to receive course authorization.

Four Annotated Sample Syllabi
Provide examples of how the curricular requirements can be demonstrated within the context of actual syllabi.

Review these resources to ensure that you have included the required level of detail in your syllabus to successfully complete the course audit.

Syllabus Self Evaluation Checklist
Includes a list of items that teachers should verify prior to submitting the syllabus for review.

Use this checklist to ensure that your syllabus includes all required elements before submitting for review.

Learning List

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Aqa gcse english literature coursework

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What can I do with an English Literature degree? Brightside

What can I do with an English Literature degree? What are your skills?

English Literature is a non-vocational degree – which means that it gives you some all-round skills that can be applied to different careers rather than training for a specific job. These skills include:

  • Written and other communication skills
  • Understanding complex ideas and theories
  • Research
Which job?

Many journalists have an English degree, since the ability to research subjects and write clearly and concisely are essential to the job. It doesn’t just have to be writing for print or online press either, since jobs in TV and radio also require great research skills . Check out our Careers in Media section for some ideas.

To get into the media, doing some work for your student media and getting some media work experience alongside your degree will give you a big advantage. You might also want to consider studying a postgraduate course run by the NCTJ .

Starting salaries begin at around £15,000.

If a degree in English Literature means one thing, it’s that you understand books, so English graduates are in high demand in the publishing industry. Begin as an editorial assistant and you’ll be proofing and correcting books before they’re published, and could work your way up to a commissioning role deciding which books will sell and why. There are plenty of other jobs available in publishing as well, so check out our Careers in Publishing article for more inspiration.

Starting salaries begin at around £14,000.

Advertising and PR

Being able to make and explain a persuasive argument is a big part of studying English Literature, and is crucial for working in advertising and PR. You could put your skills to good use as an advertising copywriter for example, or if you’d prefer dealing with people face-to-face, then a job as a public relations or press officer could be for you.

Getting involved with some campaigns at your Student Union or with a charity will give you some great firsthand experience, and it’s also worth thinking about getting a professional marketing qualification from an organisation like the Chartered Institute of Marketing after your degree as well.

Starting salaries begin at around £17,000.

Teaching is a good choice if you want to share your love of literature with others. You’ll not only need to know the books you’re teaching inside out, but also have great communication skills to inspire your class, and perfect spelling and grammar for marking their work. You’ll need to study a teaching qualification after you graduate, and you can find out more about the different options in our Teaching section.

Starting salaries begin at around £21,000.

Literature is art after all, and even if you don’t end up writing a bestseller yourself, the skills you pick up studying English Literature will be useful in many parts of the arts industry. You could write programmes and publicity material for museums and art galleries for example, help to organise festivals and events, and work for arts organisations seeking funding – or the companies and other people doling out the cash. Take a look at some of the other articles in our Careers in Arts and Humanities section.

Starting salaries begin at around £15,000.

Other options

You don’t have to stick to jobs directly related to your degree either. You might have to do further study to get into these sectors, but many jobs in retail, law, business, social work and politics also need exactly the sort of skills English graduates have. And remember that creativity and initiative are some of the most important things English Literature will teach you – which are a big help when it comes to finding any job and thinking about how to apply what you’ve studied at university to the world of work.

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Online Literature Courses

Free Online Lectures and Courses for Literature Literature Content Navigation

The Epic of Gilgamesh. The Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. The Kumulipo. These are just some of the timeless creation stories from around the world that students of literature can explore. These tales help us unravel the cultural practices, art forms, values and ideas of various societies throughout history. Literature majors delve into historical and contemporary works, learning about major eras of creative thought and civilization development.
Literature students have the freedom to explore texts and gain familiarity with various cultures, time periods and groups in society. Graduates can be extremely versatile employees; these skill sets make graduates well-rounded and multifaceted individuals, with strong communication and analysis skills. These abilities can be applied to roles within business, technology, education and marketing.

Sample Courses

Undergraduate students exploring literature will typically begin their studies with composition classes, which help them learn how to accurately convey their thoughts, criticisms, and analysis in essay form. English composition classes typically focus on essay form, academic source citation and building rhetorical arguments. Students in their later undergraduate years will begin to focus their studies on immersive literature courses such as modern poetry, Post WWII American literature and medieval literature.

Possible Specializations

In some ways, literature and history students face similar challenges – there are so many eras, regions and cultures to cover, that these fields can seem too expansive. This is where specialty studies come in. Those who declare this major can choose a comparative literature route, specializing in two very different literary fields. Others can specialize in a foreign language, pairing up language fluency with literary studies and analysis. Students interested in nonfiction and rhetoric might choose to specialize in cultural studies, including African American, LGBT, women’s rights, disability studies and other group discourses.

Degree Types

Students of literature can pursue degrees ranging from the associate to the Ph.D levels, however, a four-year degree minimum is a common requirement for most employers hiring literature majors.

Some colleges offer an Associate of Arts Degree in English Literature. These two-year degrees are generally used by students who wish to apply course credits toward a future bachelor’s degree. Since many writing, marketing and teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree, it can be very difficult to find work with just an associate degree in literature.


This four-year degree gives students enough time to cover the fundamentals of critical reading and writing practices, while delving into a specialty within literature. People who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in literature can find work as online marketers, journalists, English language instructors and technical writers.


Students who continue on to graduate school with a master’s degree program will typically dedicate an additional one to two years to their studies. These individuals gain further specialization, and might even instruct their own courses as graduate teaching assistants. Master’s degree holders can gain work in professional writing, editorial leadership, English language instruction and marketing.

These students are on track to faculty positions at colleges. They dedicate their time to researching key texts within literature, honing their knowledge on specific themes, time periods and groups within literature. Those who graduate with a Ph.D. can find administrative work within companies and schools, or leadership roles across the publishing industry, but particularly in the academic sphere.
Students should explore networking and funding opportunities with academic groups like Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honors Society). These organizations award scholars who commit themselves to remarkable academic achievements within literature.

Ideal Candidates for Literature

Students with strong communication skills, both verbal and written, will find they excel as literature majors. These skills can help with the reading, interpretation and analysis of literary texts, tasks that take up quite a bit of time within a student’s course load. Students with a significant interest in poetry or screenplays might discover that strong verbal communication skills can help with the recitation process, which is integral to understanding these works.
Literature majors should also be highly adaptable, since they will often stray outside of their comfort zones to analyze unfamiliar texts. This might include works from various cultures and groups within society. Literature allows students to gain insight into people’s experiences from a different class, race, ability and identity background. At the graduate level, scholars might even be encouraged to travel abroad, especially if their studies involve a foreign language. The ability to adapt can serve students well as they encounter new and unfamiliar texts and environments.

Career Pathways

Literature majors have a more diverse pick of prospective careers than most college graduates. They can pursue teaching roles at English language immersion schools domestically and abroad. They can explore writing for publications or for marketing departments. Literature majors can also find roles on writing or editorial teams.
Postsecondary English language and literature teachers can make an average of $67,980, with the majority of these professionals being hired by colleges and other academic institutions. Many of these roles are faculty positions that are available to graduate degree holders.
The median pay for editors is $53,880 a year, with the majority of professionals working for newspaper, book and magazine publishers. Unfortunately, the career prospects for growth in this role are very low, with a job outlook rate of -2% before the year 2022. On the other hand, there is still a slightly higher demand for writers. who make an average of $55,940 a year, with the majority working within the information, scientific and technical sectors.

12 Courses

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  • CSUMentor - Plan for College - High School Students - High School Subject Requirements

    There are career and technical education (CTE) courses that can be used to meet any of the subject area requirements listed above. Please refer to for the entire listing of approved courses.

    Waiver of "Language Other than English" Requirement

    If you can demonstrate competency in a language other than English that is equivalent to or higher than that expected of students who have completed two years of language other than English study, you may be allowed a waiver for this language requirement. For further information, contact the CSU campuses to which you are applying.

    How to Make Up Missing Courses

    If you didn't take all the required high school courses or earned D grades in some of them, you have several options to make up these courses and qualify for CSU admission. You can complete appropriate high school courses with a grade of C or better either in summer school or in adult school. Courses in this category must be those found on the high school or adult school UC "a-g " course lists. Some adult schools may not have a-g course lists.

    You may also complete college courses with a grade of C or better in the missing subject areas. Finally, you can earn an acceptable score on examinations such as the SAT subject examinations, Advanced Placement examinations, or International Baccalaureate examinations.

    If you are unable or do not choose to make up your subject deficiency, you may earn at least 60 units, including 30 semester units of general education from a California Community College or other college and transfer as an upper-division transfer student, where only your college performance is considered for admission.

    Subject Requirement Substitution for Students with Disabilities

    All freshman applicants are encouraged to complete 15 units of college preparatory subjects. If you are otherwise qualified, but unable to complete certain subjects because of your disability, you should contact the director of Services to Students with Disabilities at the CSU campus you wish to attend to receive further information.

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