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For And Against Essay The Use Of Mobile Phones

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What can you say for and against a mobile telephone?

What can you say for and against a mobile telephone?

I. What are some problems that irritate you when telephoning? Look at the list of complaints. Put them in order from 1 to 5 (5 being the most irritating).

· waiting on hold for too long

· not being able to see facial expressions

· having to repeat the same information to different people

· talking to rude operators

Add three or more new complaints to the list.

I. Skim the text to grasp the general idea.

“I went to the opera the other night to watch ‘ Madam Butterfly’ and just as she was about to kill herself, with the knife above her head, a mobile phone started to ring somewhere in the opera house”.

British people seem to have gone “mobile mad”. 20% of British people spend an astonishing quarter of their day on mobile phones. We have become so obsessed with the little gadget that we can't leave our house without it! One in three people confess to having used their mobile in the bathroom! The question of mobile telephone addiction is now being taken seriously in many countries. Special clinics are now offering therapy to people who cannot live without their mobile. A Scandinavian driver had to receive treatment in a specialized clinic for his addiction to SMS texting (short message services). The twenty-five-year-old worked nights and spent his daylight hours sending an average of 217 text messages per day. His quarterly mobile phone bill quintupled to 12,000 crowns (£967) – unaffordable on his Danish driver's salary, in Britain, a nineteen-year-old girl asked for help because she would rather spend money on pay-and-go vouchers for her mobile than on food or clothes. She admits to sending around 1,600 text messages a month. “I only feel happy when I hear my mobile beeping. When I don't have any credit left I become depressed. I need to check my mobile every two minutes. I stopped going to classes at college because I couldn't answer my phone”.

Over half of children with mobiles prefer to text rather than chat to stay in touch, and there is one report that claims that the thumbs of young children are getting bigger and stronger because they spend so much time texting and playing computer games. It is true that children use their thumbs more than adults nowadays. Adults use their index finger to dial or text, press the button in the lift, key in information on the computer or calculator and so on, but most young children will use their thumbs.

The mobile phone industry claims that it does not target the under-sixteens. But it is true that the adult market is beginning to slow down. OFTEL, the industry regulator in the UK, maintains that three quarters of the adult British population now own a mobile phone. To increase sales of mobile phones to the younger age groups, mobile phone companies have created a range of gimmicks to attract young children – fancy ringtones using the latest pop songs, screensavers using popular cartoon figures such as Harry Potter, Spiderman, and even Winnie the Pooh. Many companies now offer short videos, photographs, even online jokes! Not surprisingly, the number of very young mobile users, between the ages of five and nine, has jumped from 80,000 in 2000 to nearly 1,000,000 now. 33% of children between the ages often and fourteen now have their own mobile.

Young people used to spend large amounts of money on music, but the latest studies reveal that people under the age of twenty-five now spend five times more money on mobile phones than they do on music. A recent study found that this age group annually spends £3 billion of its disposable income on mobile handsets, calls, and data, compared with just £600 million on CDs and other music formats. Under-25 are spending £107 million on mobile music in the UK each year; equivalent to 75 million ringtone downloads. In contrast, music industry figures indicate that CD single sales have fallen “30 to 50%” during the same period.

Mobile phones and accessories account for almost 70% of British under-25s'spending. On average people in this age group spend £238 on their mobile phone compared to only £49 on music.

With the constant advances in mobile telephony, these figures can only increase.

Business One: One, Oxford University Press

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For and against essays - Phoenicis Project

For and against essays
  • Divide the essay into four paragraphs.
  • Write an interesting introduction to your essay that will encourage your reader to continue reading.
  • In the first paragraph give the reader some idea about the current situation and say why the subject is important. Make sure you give the outline of the structure of your essay to help the reader follow your argument.
  • Include points in favour of the topic in the second paragraph, even if you disagree with this. Show that you disagree with phrases like While it is true to say…, While the reasons for … are understood…, I will start with points for… to make this clear tj the reader.
  • In the third paragraph give points against the topic – remember to acknowledge the opposite view and state your opinion.
  • In the final paragraph restate both points of view before giving your own opinion on the subject.
  • Use linking expressions to guide your reader through your essay.

Too much surveillance is bad for democracy

Over the past few years, especially after recent terrorist attacks, public safety has become an important issue. It is undoubtedly true that the use of public video surveillance (CCTV) is a popular security method, but it is also true to say that it is not without problems. This essay will take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of video surveillance.

I will start with points for video surveillance. Firstly, the use of CCTV leads to the arrest of robbers at banks and cash machines and stops bar fights and shoplifters. Secondly, with CCTV on the streets it is claimed that people are afraid of committing crime and so do not do it.

While it is true to say that CCTV does affect our behaviour, I think that there are at least three disadvantages to video surveillance. First, video surveillance may not be effective – it is not been proved that it reduces crime. Secondly, it is expensive – the money could be used for other things – such as improving education and stopping the causes of crime. Thirdly, CCTV takes away our individual freedom and many people are starting to wonder just who is watching us and why.

While reasons for using video surveillance systems are understood, they are not the only solution to public crime and disorder. My own view is that although it seems like a quick solution to crime, in fact we will be giving away our individual freedom in the not too distant future.

There are few people today who could exist without their mobile phones. Nevertheless, the invention of the mobile phone also has its drawbacks that people tend to forget about.

There is no denying that mobile phones have a number of advantages. Parents with teenagers give their children more freedom if they take their phones with them when they go out. In addition, the mobile is useful for teenagers for getting home as all they have to do is dial their parents’ number and the family taxis will arrive at the arranged time free of charge.

However, not all people know how to use a mobile phone with sufficient respect, and trying to sleep on public transport has become impossible. Family visits have also lost out as younger members spend the afternoon texting friends or playing games when they would have been interacting with the rest of the family.

On balance, it seems that mobile phones have as many disadvantages as positive aspects. However, in some situations they are indispensable. If you have a car accident on a lonely road in the middle of the night, it’s clear that the quickest way to solve the problem is by making a phone call. In this way I, for one, am happier with my mobile phone in my bag, than without it, and I would recommend every driver to carry a phone with them at all times.

For And Against Essay Mobile Phones

For And Against Essay Mobile Phones

For and against essay mobile phones. If you know your way for and against essay mobile phones the Internet and know something in relation to setting up and hosting. Practise writing against the clock. It is evident that the use of mobile phones. Its an opinion essay. An Argumentative Essay About Mobile Phones. essay about mobile phones Burnaby gun control essay against, professional writing services syracuse, El Monte. Mobile phones are a poison in our schools. Teachers are facing a very difficult battle against pupils and parents . Mobile phones sum up many of the things. Argumentative essay topics mobile phones State of New York. essay topic on college days theatre of. Chambly persuasive essay against welfare Gedling.Essay mobile phones advantages disadvantages free Advantages. For & Against essays (from Study Writing by Melita Jurkovi). A FOR & AGAINST (to list andBefore you are quick to criticize against cell phones think of the numerous advantages of possessing them. Transparency #16 Persuasive Cell Phone Allowed Essay.doc. No cell phones in class, . It should be noted that there was no equivalent policy against doodling. Essay on the value of cell phones in class.For - Against essay 1,613-1. Share; Like; Download. those who are against mobile phones different state the fact that much research must still be. Report Abuse Home > Opinion > Current Events / Politics > Should Cell-Phones Be Allowed In School. will argue that mobile phones are a. against technology is. for and against essay mobile phones

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For - Against essay

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Arguments for and against that mobile phones are safe or dangerous?

Arguments for and against that mobile phones are safe or dangerous?

With practically everyone owning a mobile phone and spending a considerable amount of time on them each day, it is wise to ask the question: Are mobile phones dangerous to our health? While there are no conclusive answers at the moment, there are conflicting studies. Some show that mobile phones are safe and others show that mobile phones may pose a health risk.

Mobile phones may be considered potentially dangerous in a few ways. First, they are a device that both sends and receives high-frequency radio waves. Second, these devices have batteries in them that may be unstable in extreme heat or in certain circumstances where a battery or other part is defective. It should be noted that these occurrences are extremely rare.

The jury is still out on whether or not mobile phones are actually dangerous to our health. While the short term risks are extremely low or non existent, the fact that mobile phones have been used by millions in the last decade, the moderate length and long term risks are still unproven. Here are some arguments for and against mobile phone safety according to facts that the BBC printed in November 2004.

Arguments supporting the belief that mobile phones are dangerous
1. Although evidence is still not clear, it is possible that using a mobile phone on a regular basis may increase the susceptibility to brain tumors or brain cancer by 2.5 times.
2. Mobile phones operate using magnetic fields. Studies based on research in the past have shown that in certain circumstances, magnetic fields can affect living cells.
3. Those who spend long periods of time talking on a mobile phone mentioned fatigue, loss of concentration and sometimes headaches.
4. It is possible that the radio waves that are emitted by mobile phones and the heat can damage tissue.

Arguments supporting the belief that mobile phones are safe
1. Radio waves emitted when a mobile phone is used not hot enough to affect or damage nearby tissues.
2. As incidence of brain tumor, researchers admit that the evidence is still unclear if tumors or cancer are directly related to mobile phone use.
3. Factors related to loss of concentration, fatigue or headaches are probably false, since they can not reproduce in the laboratory
4. The magnetic fields emitted by mobile phones are very small and can not affect living cells in ways harmful.

Some advice on mobile phone safety
If you feel threatened by potential health aspects of using a mobile phone, the easiest way to avoid this threat is simply not using these phones. Despite being highly desirable, our society is living comfortably, without moving in the past. If you would like the convenience of a mobile phone but also want to reduce your risk, there are some simple things you can do.

* Use a headset for the mobile phone away from your head
* Speak only for short periods of time on a mobile phone