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Write a technology research paper that could make a difference

Technology research paper

November 25th, 2010 by ResearchPaperWriter

Good technology research papers contain verifiable facts presented in a proper sequence

Can you think of a world without technology? Do you think that without the technological marvels that one sees today, we could have reached the level of progress that we have achieved now? What is the price we have paid for all this? These are just a few thoughts that are likely to go through your mind if you have a technology research paper to work on. If you are keen on making a difference by bringing in some real interesting info, you would need someone to guide you on it. Well, you can find all the help that you need right here.

What makes a topic interesting?

There are so many interesting research topics to work on when you opt for Technology as a subject or focus. In fact, very often having so many topics could be a bit of a problem. You find the job of choosing a topic quite difficult. Before you think of looking at various research paper topics. make a list of the resources that you have at your disposal. This is in terms of time, money, access to libraries and so on. This could be good to have since these are all impacting factors on your research. Remember, you also have to keep an eye on various research paper styles or citation styles as they are also called.

Here are some topics to think of working on 1/- Has Technology pushed us over the brink?

Though this might not be a pure technological subject, it could also be one of the best technology research papers you have ever written. On the one hand, you can bring in the marvels that have been created with technological expertise and on the other you can adopt a philosophical stand on where it has brought mankind.

2/- High-tech classrooms

Smart class, smart students, smart teachers – all this and more made possible because of technology. Your paper could go into the details of using interactive boards and other technological aids that make learning a whole new experience. Also indicate whether this advancement has had quantifiable results where knowledge transfer is concerned.

3/- State-of-the-art healthcare

This is one area that you could safely say has been the most benefited. Countless numbers of lives have been saved because of all the medicine, equipment and other kinds of technological help that one sees in hospitals today. This would therefore be a technology research paper that glorifies the subject to a great extent.

4/- Learning technology

This could be a good topic for your paper if you are keen on presenting the good and the bad side. You could speak about the advantages of being a techie and the downside as well. For instance, there are a lot of people who are so caught up in their work, that personal relationships take a backseat.

Please feel free to call us when you have technology research papers to work on. We can give you topics, content and a lot of other allied services that you will find very useful. We can make sure that your paper is a grade-winner.

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Please note changes made as a result of modular grants (sections with asterisks below). Go to the NIH modular grants and applications Web page and the notice in the NIH Guide for how To Write A Pdf Computer Research Paper Topics Grants and Contracts for more information. This "how to" document does not how To Write A Pdf Computer Research Paper Topics repeat instructions contained in SF 424 or PHS 398. Begin by focusing on the big picture. It is critical that you are intimately familiar with the field in which you are considering applying to NIH for funding.

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SRAS Research Abroad Grants

SRAS Research Abroad Grant
Russia, Central Asia, and Ukraine
DEADLINES are listed on our funding cycles page

Who is eligible? Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors), graduate and postgraduate students in any field of study may apply. The applicant must have a GPA of 3.2 or above and must be enrolled in an academic program based in North America or the European Union when applying. The applicant must also apply for an SRAS educational program of at least six weeks in length.

How much is the grant? Research Abroad Grants are $1000 each. Up to one (1) grant will be given each year. Grants are good for up to one year after they are awarded.

What can this grant be used for? The grant is applied toward the recipient's SRAS account as partial payment of the required SRAS educational program and any optional research services requested. On the basis of that educational program, SRAS will assist the student in obtaining the proper visa and affordable housing, obtaining health insurance, and gaining official Russian university affiliation (needed to gain access to many archives. Optional research services can assist in locating translators and experts in the field, navigating archives, etc.). In addition, depending on the program chosen, it will provide lessons in language and other subjects.

What do I need to do if I get the grant? Recipients must submit a mid-semester research evaluation describing what has been accomplished, what problems have been encountered, and what the recipient is doing to overcome those issues. This report may be in the form of an informal email. Also, the research must conclude in a research paper not less than 15 pages in length which explores the topics proposed by the student in his/her research proposal. This paper should be submitted to SRAS no less than 45 days after the end of the research abroad period. This paper may be published as part of Vestnik, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies. or as part of a supplemental issue to Vestnik (depending on the length of the paper).

How do I apply? All applicants must complete the downloadable grant application. All applicants must also apply for an SRAS program of at least six weeks in durration. As part of the application, select "SRAS Research Abroad Grants" as one of your chosen programs. Upload your research proposal under the "Essay" field. Any applicant planning to spend less than ten weeks researching must additionally indicate in their materials what archives they plan to visit and what materials will be requested at each archive (or, if archives will not be used, what research methods will be used and how they will be implemented). Follow any other instructions requested on the application.

In addition, applicants must email the following materials to Josh Wilson, SRAS Assistant Director, at jwilson :

  1. Grant Application ;
  2. A copy of your research proposal (see the application above);
  3. A curriculum vitae (listing professional and academic experience);
  4. Two writing samples of more than 15 pages (preferably related to your research or, at minimum, to a field of Russia-related study);

Research Paper Grants


UPDATE (Nov 27, 2016): Research Paper Grants program awarded approx. 50 grants during the years of operation (2009-16). Upon request from IITR, this program has been discontinued to avoid duplication with another program administered by IITR. Future applicants are requested to apply to the office of Dean Alumni Affairs to seek support on research paper presentations. The information below pertains to the discontinued program.

Under this program, IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation supports current IITR students/research scholars in their efforts to present research papers at reputed international/domest ic conferences. The program provides funds mainly for oral presentation of ori ginal research work in order to provide a rich international/national experience to the IITR students/research scholars. The grant covers only a part of the total cost of presenting the research paper (e.g. cost of conference registration, accommodation, transportation etc.). Therefore, students/research scholars are expected to tap their departmental and other resources for meeting rest of the cost.

The program has n
ow been extended to support presentation of posters based on the research don e by IITR undergraduate students. Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in this program.

This program does
not cover training, short courses or internships.

Selection Criteria
Each application is evaluated on the following criteria (but not limited to): conference reputation; potential of the research to positively impact social welfare and impr
ove technological understanding; and, alignment with applicant’s career objectives. The applicant has to be a student/research scholar registered at IITR at the time of application.

Please note that a pplication from a person who has been awarded financial assistance under this program in last 18 months may not be considered.

Students/research scholars are encouraged to submit their request for grant at the earliest once their research paper/poster has been accepted. Since there are a large number of applications received every month, review and final decision by Program Chairs may take up to 6-8 weeks. Applications submitted within 6 weeks of the conference will not be considered. Applications are reviewed on the First In First Out basis without any exception.

Application Requirements: Fill out the application online for consideration of the award. Downloadable form is meant for reference only.

Grant Applicatio n Form < Fill Online >

You are also required to submit the following documentation to the Program Chairs through email:

  1. Letter of rec ommendation from IITR Professor/Supervisor/Head of Dept. This is required even for the research done outside IITR.
  2. Copy of the Research paper/Poster accepted
  3. Conference host’s letter of acceptance
  4. Conference brochure
  5. Details of the expenses involved (e.g. registration fee, airfare, hotel, visa fee etc.) and availability of funds from all the sources including requests submitted to DST/CSIR/Dean AA/Department, and personal resources (in tabular format)
  6. Your current resume (2 pages max)

Scanned copies are acceptable. Inability or delay in submitting the required documents will result into rejection of the application or longer processing time.