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Database System Essay

This thesis is partial fulfilment of university of the Greenwich undergraduate programme, prepared and submitted by me. This software project helps me a lot to gain knowledge in different parts such as software design and development. During this project research and development period, I get the clear understanding, how these software engineering principals, technologies can be applied in real time projects. This project approach as a practical way in all stages of software development and make me clear in every stages that software engineering techniques could be applicable.

I am a software engineering student. In this case, this project is closely related to my programme of study and other subjects. My current study is helps me each stage of this project such as system analysis, designing, coding, testing, implementing, Etc, to a develop a final solution for this business.

I use MicrosoftVb.Net programming language in order to develop the proposed system. I implemented desktop application the help with framework based on the customer requests. Moreover this project gives some ideas to access the a range of software engineering techniques and tools for the successful project.

This work carried out for this project would not have been a success without the good guidance a given to me by various people and various time. There are many people helped me. First, special thanks to my project Supervisor Mr. Alexander M. Fedorec and Second Marker. Who helped me in the literature review part and guide me to get the Approval for the Ethical Research application. His comments and guidance helps me to make this report according to a professional standard.

My thanks to all the lecturers and University staffs specially library staffs who guide me to get good online journals from the Student portal. In addition, thanks to the authors of articles and magazines which are really helps to my final Document. At last, I wish to.

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Database information systems research paper

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1. Agrawal, R. Srikant, R. Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules. In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Very Large Databases. Morgan Kaufmann, Santiago, Chile, 487-499. (1994)
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Faculty of Sciences, Trg Dositeja Obradovića 3, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia,
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Research Paper Management System Information Technology Essay

Research Paper Management System Information Technology Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Research Paper Management System is a web based system that could be used by the registered users of the system to submit their research papers for the SLIIT research symposium. The research papers which are submitted for the symposium are supposed to be in a standard paper format. But there are situations where the submitted papers are not in the correct format. The RPMS mainly checks whether the submitted papers are in the standard format. Previously this task was done by a reviewer, which was very time consuming. Eventually the uniqueness or the unambiguity of a research paper is highly appreciated. Since some research papers may contain sentences or phrases or any other occurrences that can prove the guiltiness of the current author. Such copy detections are intended to be captured through RPMS where the copy detection functionality calculates the similarity between the research documents based on plagiarism patterns.

Many of the research papers have been submitted to the SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute of Info Technology) symposium throughout the years. But some of these papers have been deviated by staying inside the correct research paper format. Therefore marking those papers had been done with much endeavor by the university specialists. Also marking such an incorrect paper is a time consuming task which makes the university professionals to do less job within a given time period. A research paper includes many sections such as title, introduction, methodology etc. Each of them have different format. Title of the research paper is considered initially, the paper title should be in both uppercase and lowercase letters and the starting letter must be uppercase. Therefore RPMS web-based system measured to examine such errands in a given research paper.

Another section that will be considered through RPMS is the copy detection of a certain research paper. Plagiarism, where the data in one document is duplicated in another document where the two authors are different [1]. Plagiarism scales in two ways, the submitted research paper is compared with the older research papers stored in the RPMS and the second method is comparing through web. In both ways the plagiarism is obtained to be caught. It is a very important to mention that RPMS never rejects a research paper. The rejection is belongs to the committee where the each and every document is carefully taken to judge.

Similar previous projects.

Similar project that had been done by an IT group last year (2009) [2]. It mainly focuses on the "Plagiarism" and named "Document Fingerprinting Detection System". Document fingerprinting detecting system is to detect plagiarism in text-based assignments, online and researches. This detection system is important to institutes to demonstrate the serious influence of copy-and-paste.


The main objective of the Research Paper Management System (RPMS) is to check the format of the research and to detect the plagiarism. This system will be more useful for research paper analyzers and as well as research paper writer to check whether their paper is in the correct format. In this tool we mainly focus on the solutions for check the format of the research paper. Then we focus on the solution for detecting plagiarism. Objectives of this project are,

1. To develop a tool which will help to reduce the effort required by research paper analyzers to check the research paper format and plagiarism in manually. This will keep the research paper writers to write the research papers according to the correct and given format.

2. The risk of rejecting a research paper due to an incorrect format and plagiarism will reduce. Therefore this system always gives another chance to submit their research paper if there is any incorrect information in the format and simultaneously for the plagiarism.

3. In our country universities and institutes manually check the research papers and it will be time consuming. So this will be a good opportunity to research paper analyzers to check the research papers faster, accurately and effectively.

4. Encourage research paper writers to prepare their research papers according to the correct format and encourage them to do their work without copying from others or internet.

5. Utilize the opportunity which we got to develop our research skills, since most of the methodologies used in this project are new to us.

We strongly believe, this system will be accurate, efficient,cost effective and this will be popular among the research paper analyzers in the local universities and institutes. Due this tool, research paper writers will have to know their format and as well as how to use other people's work in a ethical manner like using citation and show where the information comes from. This RPMS system will produce high quality research papers to the society.

Methodologies What's the Research Paper Management System?

The new results of certain investigations are composed and documented. Such document we distinguish as a "Research Paper" and since a research paper includes recently acknowledged information, it is really necessary for the document to be in an appropriate categorize. In other words, solitary of the most significant obsession of a research paper is the format. Thus when presenting the research paper, it should taken to highly consideration for the research document to be in an approved format. When declaring the correct design, all the institutions and the organizations don't have the same research paper set-up hence it could be different. Although it's different; when the research paper is submits it should be according to the certain institute's approved format.

Even though the format is extremely essential, there are some assured incidents where some users keep away from this format, on purpose or without knowing. Therefore checking the format of those submitted research papers is a must and also a very dreary task. Most of the university professionals complain such research paper checking doing manually is very towering job. That's because it's in fact a very difficult charge to check for the format when they are mainly focusing and directed to the constituents of the document. A further aspect in the RPMS is inspection for plagiarism. Thus this had been done by a research group in a previous year; we use a third-party for this intention and make use of the relevant utility as an additional but a very chief feature, when dealing with a research paper, to our project [2]. Therefore building a system to manage research papers are timely essential and RPMS will be put up to achieve this goal.

Error Notification Conclusion

On behalf of our Bsc.Special (Hon) Degree in Information Technology we need to complete a Research project through our 4th year. So we decided to develop and implement a Research Paper Management system (RPMS) to Sri Lanka Institute of Information technology (SLIIT). Research Paper Management system (RPMS) will introduce an innovative and efficient way of finding a reliable Research paper to the SLIIT research committee. Main goal of this project was to install Research paper analysis system with the Format checking feature and Plagiarism detection feature along with other general features.

When we identified our main tasks we went through different kind of existing systems for research paper handling. Though there are many tools for detect plagiarism there were not appropriate tool to check the correct format of the research paper. So we analyze the existing systems and different algorithms to carry out our Research paper Analysis system. In order to success our project we have to find a new algorithm for checking the format of the document.( Here we have to name the technology we used.)In fact there was really high risk in our project. So we decided to analyze our findings once a week by exchanging our knowledge through group meetings and also we consult our supervisor if there any problem occurs.

According to the analysis that has been carried out and as explain in the proposal, can conclude that this RPMS system will form the innovative turning point for the research paper analysis, which will provide a system with more accurate, efficient, user friendly & cost effective. We strongly believe that this tool will be popular among local universities and institutes in the future.

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Using Databases at Best Buy - CIS Research Paper

Using Databases at Best Buy - CIS Research Paper

Databases within Organizations
University of Phoenix

Databases within Organizations
Many organizations use databases to input, access, change, and retrieve valued data. According to Philip (2008), a database is defined as the "Collection of data produced and retrieved by computer." A database program, as defined by Philip (2008), "enables the computer to generate files of data and later search for and retrieve specific items or groups of items." Within an organization, the data is usually made up of information about the organization's inventory, customers, employees, sales reports, payroll, etc.

According to CNN Money (2008), "Best Buy" is a company with about 150,000 employees. With this many locations, employees and customers, the company must make investments in database applications. Within some "Best Buy" stores, is a company called "Geek Squad", which is a business of its own. The "Geek Squad" is an organization of employees with the intention of helping customers with computer problems including software, hardware and basic user errors. This company uses a database application called "Star Phoenix", which helps the employees keep track of information pertaining to customers and computers.
"Star Phoenix" is used to input the customers information as well and the computer information. The databases contains a large list of customer and computer data from everywhere in the United States. This enables only the "Geek Squad" employees to check-in the computer, change the status of the computer from in repair to repaired, input details about the processes used to fix the computer, and check-out the customer.

Some computers must be sent out to a service center for further testing and repairs. This repair process can take about two to seven weeks to be returned to the store depending on where the computer is shipped to. The "Star Phoenix" application allows any "Geek Squad" employee to access the status and information about repairs done on the computer. This gives customers peace of mind, because they are able to call the "Geek Squad" and find out when they can pick up their computer. This database application allows the employees in the "Geek Squad" to assist costumers when needed and to help communicate across the county to other "Geek Squad" employees and repair centers.

Another beneficial feature of "Star Phoenix" is sending and receiving repaired computers for the "Best Buy" store and customers. When a computer is shipped out, it must go through the shipping process. This is started by first entering the customer and his or her computer, if the computer has had multiple problems or can be diagnosed to be sent out, the employee must send the computer to the repair center. When the employee inputs the information to send out the computer, a few document print out. One of the documents must be signed by the customer, and the others are used to label the box for shipment. After the documents are printed and the customer signs one, the employee will box up the computer and send it to the repair center the next day via UPS.

When a computer is delivered from the repair center, the employees will go into the application, "Star Phoenix", and receive the package. This lets the repair center know that they physically received the computer in the store. Receiving a package also sends an automatic phone call to the customer to let them know the computer is at their "Best Buy" store and can pick up the computer.
Although "Star Phoenix" is an accommodating application to the "Geek Squad," a couple improvements can be made within the database application.

First, this application must have a master data management strategy to eliminate duplicated and replicated data. When an employee searches for a customer based on a new phone number, they create a replicate in the system. The database contains many names, addresses, phone numbers, computer models, etc. When a customer's name is replicated, the employees run the risk of entering incorrect data. When the customer comes back to pick up his or her computer, the other employees might not know where to find it because they are looking for the wrong computer. This creates confusion and upset customers. If a master data management application were involved, this could alleviate some of the major problems within this small company.

Another improvement is who can access the information within the database. Some "Best Buy" customer service employees are not able to access the "Star Phoenix" application if a customer calls and the "Geek Squad" employees are busy. This causes the customer to either wait on the phone for an available "Geek Squad" employee or have an employee call them back. Customer service representatives should have access to the basic information within the application; this way the customer can find out the status of their computer and ensures the accuracy of information given by the customer service representative.

In conclusion, the "Star Phoenix" database/application is a very powerful application if used correctly. This application has helped customers, employees, and the whole "Geek Squad" company. "Star Phoenix" helps employees input, access, change, and retrieve valued data which in turn helps their customers.

"database" World Encyclopedia. Philip's, 2008. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Apollo Group. Retrieved April 17, 2009. Available from
Stair, R. Reynolds, G. (2006). Fundamentals of Information Systems Third Edition. Retrieved April 17, 2009. Available from
CNNMoney (2008). BBY Company Information. Retrieved April 17, 2009 from

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