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Flair Bartending Lesson 25: Glassware #1

Flair Bartending Lesson 25: Glassware #1

Aziz Shavershian: Don't think my mom will be happy when she comes home and all glasses are gone..

노우현: Hi. Im staying in korea. Whatever i always lean bartending from ur video thanks for ur video.haha

MyLifeMySoulMyWWE: @catfinger Hey. I have an idea as to why flairing with a glass is a little more "scary". It's a lot easier to catch a bottle simply because it's bigger. A glass is a lot smaller and a bit tricker to catch, thus increasing the risk of breakage.

Lindsey Keogh: Hi there, i would like to thank you for putting these videos up on youtube as they have all helped me alot. i have been practicing everyday and love it. i have my first bar show type thing in 2 nights and i could not have done it without all the help you have given me. thank you. p.s if you have any more tricks or tips can you please post them. thank you.

Joe Snowden: Hey, gr8t videos, step by step presentation A++. Was wondering if you had any of this on dvd available for purchase? If not you should make some, they would sell like hot cakes.

Joe Snowden: jhjh

Alex Romo: lock ur exposure on your camera

Jake B: I agree, you just need to woosaaaaa relax and try doing it infront of a partner or family casually then.

Ritxi: Hi, i need more tricks with glasses. Thks

cena787: cool 5 stars

Flair Bartending Lesson 25: Glassware #1 5 out of 5

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Bartending School NJ

Here is a list a description of the different courses offered at Happy Hour Bartending School.

Bartending Schools have been around for over 40 years. Courses are designed to get you comfortable behind the bar and confident when you go into your first bartending job interview. A common miss conception of bartending schools is that they teach you just how to make drinks. That is not true at our school.

We will train our students to be a well rounded bartenders with lessons in:

  • "Guest Service" not "Customer Service"
  • Taking Orders and Multi-tasking
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  • Job Hunting for Bartenders
  • Cordials VS Liquor
  • Domestic, Imported, and Craft Beers
  • Speed and Efficient Drink Preparation
  • Social Media Marketing

On top of our well developed lessons we will train you hands on the following drinks styles and techniques:

  • Hiball Drinks
  • Collins Cocktails
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  • Shots: Layered, Shaken, and Flaming
Bonus Lessons

As far as we know we are the only school in the country that offers exclusive BONUS LESSONS. Since our lessons are giving via online video lectures, we offer our graduates and current students bonus lessons that will influence our students to keep learning the art of bartending. Bartending is not something that you learn in 40 hours and your are done (most bartending schools will do that).

Since there are always new things in the world of bartending this section will allow you to keep learning. Some of our bounus lessons include:

  • Become a Mobile Bartender
  • Bar Flair Basics Video Training

Ok. Since now you know how to tend bar, LETS ADD SOME STYLE! Being a flair bartender has it's benefits. You will become more marketable to employers, have a unique style that will increase sales (if done right), and most importantly help you to make more tips behind the bar!

Our "Bar Flair Basics" class will focus on working flair bartending. This is flair bartending that can be done with, coasters, ice, glassware, shakers, and virtually any bottle behind. This is where the money is to be made with flair. A good friend of ours, Brian

Q: What is the class schedule?

A: There are no set class schedules for the 40 hour certification program. The beauty of it is you can completely customize the schedule to your liking. You must complete 20 hours of hands on training as well as 20 hours of online training center part of the course. The hands on portion of the course must be taken at our location while the Online section of class can be completed at home.

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A: Certain legality issues prohibit us from training with real alcohol. Our school, as well as most in this country, use water and dies to make the drinks look realistic. The benefit to this is you will be able to get the most out of your hands on training and make unlimited drinks!

Q: Can I visit the school and sit on on a class before I sign up?

A: Yes you can! We highly suggest that you come in and check out a check out any bartending school before signing up.

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Bartender CV Example - CV Examples

Bartender CV Example

Bartenders prepare standard mixed drinks that include wine and beer or any other alcoholic beverage. They also prepare mixed drinks according to what the customer specifically ask. A bartender must know a dozens of drink recipes to provide the customer the satisfaction that they need. They are trained to prepare drinks as fast and as accurate as possible. They are also the ones responsible for ordering and maintaining the bar supplies.

Bartending CV Example

Glasgow- H21 7WD

I am determined to provide customers with high quality service with a smile. I am hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. I have all the skills that you need in a bartender due through years of my study and experience. I can do both mixing and performing flair bartending in an excellent manner.

2007-Present: Bartender, Republic: Heaven Super Club

Performs Flair Bartending every Wednesday to customers

Served many customers and have been invited to perform privately for High Rollers

Created 12 signature drinks that became the club’s best sellers

2006; October-December: Crash Courses on Bartending, Shaker Barschool

International Bartender Course: 3 weeks

Cocktail Masterclass: 2 weeks

Molecular Mixology Course: 1 month and 3 weeks

2005-2006: Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, University of London

Bartending Flair - Flair Bartenders, Flair Competitions!

Professional Bartending Schools of America

Derek Jones - Cincinnati Flair Instructor

Professional Bartending Schools of America and its staff have been competing in local, state and national bartending flair contests since 1993. Those of us who started learning in 1992 had only the movie, Cocktail and the corny (but effective) training video, "Olympic Bartending" by John "JB" Bandy to learn from. Many of these original flair bartenders like Alan Mays and Ken Hall created the moves and forged the way for today's generation of flair bartenders.

Many of us old-school flair bartenders still believe that actual bartending always takes precedence over showmanship. What good is it to flip a botlle and not know how to make a drink? Flair bartending behind an actual bar with customers present is scary to many bar owners and managers. The potential for injury, breakage and spillage keeps many bar managers from allowing bartenders to practice their craft at work.

PBSA believes that working flair is not only practical, but that it draws in more customers and makes money for the bar and the bartender if done correctly. We strongly emphasize to any flair bartender that overpouring, spillage and glass breakage at work is simply unacceptable. We believe in practicing off-premise until we can perform a trick or move time and time again without mishap. Three and four bottle juggling is not appropriate behind a bar with customers and glassware just a few feet away. Working flair is much different from competition flari! A working bar is no place to practice that killer new move you dreamed up!

Many of our campuses offer flair training to our students and experienced barteners for a nominal fee. Some of our graduates and staff have gone on to become some of the top flair bartenders in the country. For those of you who know a little about "Legends", "Quest", "Bartenders in Paradise", "Battle of the Bottles", you will recognize three of our staff; Rob Turek of Cleveland, Derek Jones of Cincinnati, Randy Ruiz of Cincinnati who are all PBSA graduates. Danni Rossi and Levi Donalson have spent some time at the Cincinnati campus using the facility to practice for Legends. Loyd Resor of Cincinnati has spent countless hours practicing and training with Derek Jones. Loyd is currently recognized as the top flair bartender in Cincinnati.

Danni Rossi, Rob Turek, Derek Jones and Roger Oldham have all been filmed performing working, basic, intermediate and expert level flair for an upcoming flair trianing program on 3 DVD's. This program will also be offered in an online flair school version coming in the second half of 2006.

Anyone interested in flair should check out the Flair Bartenders Assocation (FBA ). Most of us who compete and all pictured on this page are members. A quick plug for the PBSA Bartending Store. if you are in need of flair instructional DVD's or flair bottles, speed openers or supplies, we have all of the latest items at discounted prices!

Roger Oldham shown on stage at Mannequins Nightclub at Disney's Pleasure Island in Orlando, Florida. This is the final round for the "Quest for the Best Bartender in North America Contest" in 1994. Roger finished 5th overall. Alan Mays wowed the crowd with his two-handed flair and 8-bottle (750ml) pour. Allan finished first.

Daniel Rossi of Argentina (one of the top flair jugglers in the world) trains at the Professional Bartending School of Cincinnati for the 2004 "legends of Bartending" held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Channel 5 filmed Daniel and Cincinnati graduate Randy Ruiz flipping bottles to prepare for the contest.

Rob Turek, Flair Instructor of the Cleveland, Ohio campuses was featured on channel 3 NBC television. Rob has twice finished in the top 25 in the Las Vegas Legends of Bartending contest.

Rob Turek (center) serves as a judge at the 2004 Vegas Legends of Bartending contest. The contest was aired in a one-hour segment on the Food Network.

Danni Rossi, PBSA Flair Instructor at the 2004 "Legends of Bartending" in Las Vegas. Daniel has been ranked as one of the top bartending jugglers in the world. You have to see him to believe it. Daniel juggles four bottles at a time and seldom drops anything. We will post a short video clip of Daniel shortly.

Roger Oldham was shown on Columus, Ohio NBC television as the winner of the 1998 "Best Bartender in Ohio" Contest. The contest was sponsored by the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association and the Ohio Restaurant Association.

Derek Jones, Flair Instructor for the Cincinnati campus places third in the 2001 "Bartenders in Paradise" held at the Holiday Isles Resort on Islamorada in the Florica Keys. Derek has twice finished runner up in the Best in Oho contest and won the Best Bartender in Tennesse contest. Derek has twice finished in the top 25 in the world in Las Vegas Legends of Bartending.

Rob Turek of Cleveland, performs his "fire show" live for Channel 3 NBC. Rob has competed in and won numberous awards for his flair ability. Rob is a two time winner of the Best Bartender in Oho contest.

Rob Turek of Cleveland in a Startenders performane in Cleveland, Ohio. Rob has a tremendous fire show that has to be seen to be believed. It needs to be said; "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Blowing fireballs can lead to injury and death. Leave it to the professionals!

Roger Oldham shown winning the 1994 Best Bartender in Ohio contest held at America Live! at Forrest Park Mall. Roger won $1,000.00 in cash and an all expense paid trip for two to the National Finals at Disney Resorts in Orlando, Florida. Limo service and a luxury condo were included along with VIP functions and treatment. The winner of each state qualified to compete in Orlando.

Rob Turek has competed and judged at Quest and Legends over the last ten years. Rob recently started "Startenders ", a flair training and promotion company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Rob also had a nice article posted at www.flairbar.com on his success and his new company. Startenders staff consists of PBSA graduates. Check them out below!

Flair Bartending Lesson 14: Figure 8 With Bounce Cut

Flair Bartending Lesson 14: Figure 8 With Bounce Cut

Michael Robinson: Well explained. I like that u use basic terminology: reverse jugglers grip, and the Mr.Myagi. ;)

Paul Vanderkaay: Good stuff man, I work for a bar in orl fl..and have been thru show tenders, but haven't worked on flare in awhile. don't wanna go crazy fancy but do u know a good avenue to go to just start out and Learn enough to spot dazzle while making drinks but not slow down my production 

Ryan Salkowski: Nice video I'm a beginner in flair and trying to soak up as much as I can and I see some people just don't get it. They don't appreciate what we are trying to do and that's ultimately make more money and have fun doing it. But those who do enjoy it are the ones who will become your regulars and the tips follow. Thanks for the video I hope to be that good some day.

arjaygmz: Watch some cool clip in flairtending at my channel. its really fun

tweete jane mejia: oh my god. u save me :D TY. so much

Smith.: One of the best things about flair is the ability to do it whilst still serving drinks quickly. You can show off a few quick pour moves without affecting service, and if the customer enjoys the flair and wants to see more, they can! Thank you MangoMyers for these videos, they're very helpful and you have a great teaching sense :) 

Patricia Jones: Hi. I love you, bye.

Chris The Bartender: Hey Alex! I know I'm way late on responding, but keep practicing. LOVE the "practicing with water before the shift" comment:) Hopefully, you've got this move down by now. If not, checkout the new FlairBartending.TV video for this. Hopefully that helps. It's really a matter of fluidity, getting smooth with the movement, which just comes with practice.

tulia villa: why most of the bartenders are so cute. P 

umberto ranno: I'm a beginner but i appreciate this video because u learn all movements with patience. thank u m8! (An italian bartender)

dyuanne88: one of my favorite flair movements. thanks for sharing. freak the haters :)

jan paulo mortalla: you suck. damn too fast! 

mynameisthomasgeorge: I love these videos. I recorded myself trying to do a few of these tricks and managed to throw the bottle at my face. It's on my channel if you want to see it.

norbertvida: Most of my customers enjoy the flaring and conversation with me while i perfom this kind of tricks. They are looking forward to every next move i do and look amazed everytime i do something unexpected. So shut your pie hole couse when you are a real bartender and your customers do not enjoy flair bartending you should probably go to bar where customers are maybe more eucated and would like to see some action not just pooring beer into glass, if its that what you meant by serious bartending .

itsJSA E.N.T.: saw this video in the morning at uni and now i can do it. i never knew there would be tutorials but i started typing and im like omg! first move down! the rest to goo THANKS HEAPS. - Melbourne, Australia

Genina Carla Gonzales: Hey handsome. can u sing me a song instead of moving the bottle around u. -) 

Alex K: Mango! Your videos rock! I realize there is a difference between flair/working-flair, but I'm determined to knock out martinis with this Figure 8 move. I know reps will get me more fluid, but half the time I do this I end up with most of the tin on my shirt. (Practicing with water before the shift, no training on the job ha). Any tips on how to keep the liquor in the tin? Spills almost seem inevitable with this. 

MOTACJ: Excuse me, but would anyone know where I can get these practice tools? I looked on his website but I didn't see anything. If it's there and I missed it, I'm sorry. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

babybor214: Thank You!

jaime moises sanhueza sanhueza: Siempre es bueno ver estos videos antes de ir a trabajar!

Flair Bartending Lesson 14: Figure 8 with bounce cut 5 out of 5