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Helper Applications

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Helper Applications

by Christian Biesinger <cbiesinger@web.de>

This document aims to explain Mozilla's concept of "Helper Application", what they are and what they are used for.

The UI for them can be found at Edit/Preferences/Helper Applications and when encountering files Mozilla can't handle.

This seems to be a common misunderstanding. Helper Applications are only used if neither Mozilla itself nor a plugin can handle a specific file. Only in that case will Mozilla use an application chosen in Preferences/Helper Applications to open a file.

Sometimes, Mozilla tries to load a URI that it can't display, say a .zip file. When that happens, Mozilla consults the Helper Application preferences to find out what it should do. There are several possibilities: Mozilla can open the file with the (system-wide) default application, it can open it with a user-specified application, or it can save it to disk.

All these things can be configured in Edit/Preferences/Helper Applications. Firstly, Mozilla will try to find an entry there by looking up via the mime type the server sent. If that doesn't work, Mozilla tries to find an entry by using the file extension the server sent. This entry's settings are then used.

When no entry can be found, Mozilla defaults to asking the user, defaulting to "Open with default application".

If Mozilla asked the user, and the user made a choice, the chosen settings are saved for later use, and can be viewed in Preferences/Helper Applications.

For local files and other files for which Mozilla does not get a content type from the server, you can use a helper application entry to give a specific MIME Type to files with a specific extension. To do this, just create an entry in Edit/Preferences/Helper Applications, enter the MIME Type that you want in the Type field, and enter the extensions in the extension field. The rest can be left at the default values.

You might get a warning that Mozilla can handle the type internally. If all you want is to change the assigned mime type of a file, you can ignore this message (click "Proceed anyway").

Usually, you can only assign one application to one MIME type. However, if your files have a type of application/octet-stream. this is different: You can make use of the fact that Mozilla does not save settings for this type, and that Mozilla will lookup a helper application by extension if it doesn't find one by MIME type - just create a helper app entry (with a type other than application/octet-stream ) for extension ABC, and another entry (again, not with type application/octet-stream ) for extension XYZ.

This way, if Mozilla encounters a file with type application/octet-stream and extension ABC, the first helper application will be used, while if the extension is XYZ, the second one will be used.

This works equally well for E-Mail-Attachments.

Portions of this content are © 1998–2009 by individual mozilla.org contributors; content available under a Creative Commons license | Details .

Last modified December 25, 2004 Document History

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Class and Record Helpers (Delphi) - RAD Studio

Class and Record Helpers (Delphi) About Class and Record Helpers

A class or a record helper is a type that - when associated with another class or a record - introduces additional method names and properties that may be used in the context of the associated type (or its descendants). Helpers are a way to extend a class without using inheritance, which is also useful for records that do not allow inheritance at all. A helper simply introduces a wider scope for the compiler to use when resolving identifiers. When you declare a class or a record helper, you state the helper name, and the name of the type you are going to extend with the helper. You can use the helper any place where you can legally use the extended class or record. The compiler's resolution scope then becomes the original type, plus the helper.

Class and record helpers provide a way to extend a type, but they should not be viewed as a design tool to be used when developing new code. For new code you should always rely on normal class inheritance and interface implementations.

Helper Syntax

The syntax for declaring a class helper is:

The ancestor list is optional. It can be specified only for class helper.

A helper type may not declare instance data, but class fields are allowed.

The visibility scope rules and memberList syntax are identical to that of ordinary class and record types.

Note: Class and record helpers do not support operator overloading.

You can define and associate multiple helpers with a single type. However, only zero or one helper applies in any specific location in source code. The helper defined in the nearest scope will apply. Class or record helper scope is determined in the normal Delphi fashion (for example, right to left in the unit's uses clause).

Using Helpers

The following code demonstrates the declaration of a class helper (record helpers behave in the same manner):

Note that the class helper function MyFunc is called, because the class helper takes precedence over the actual class type.

Preference #1: How You Met

5SOS+1D Imagines and Prefences

A/N :) This is our first time doing preferences/imagines so please have patience with us :D <3
Y/N= your name B/F/N= best friend name
Y/F/S= your favourite song Y/C = your country

“Hi can I get five tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy, please”

You looked up from the counter where you were reading a magazine. It was unusually quiet today, especially because it was a Saturday evening and you worked in a popular cinema. You quickly perked up, afraid that if you were caught slacking you would be fired. You gazed at the customer as you quickly printed his tickets. It was none other than Louis Tomlinson. You gasped slightly, it being barely audible. You gave him a nervous smile as you handed him his tickets. He grinned at you as you told him what screen the movie was in.

“Would you like anything else, sir?” You politely asked him, fangirling on the inside. You had been a fan of One Direction for a long time now, too long to even count.

“Umm…yeah can I have 5 popcorns, 5 large cokes and your name please?” He winked at you over the counter. You giggled, your cheeks growing warm, and got his popcorn and drinks. You placed them on the counter, the other boys coming up and collecting them walking towards the screen. You smiled at Louis and told him how much it would cost. You handed him back his change and told him to enjoy the film, you had heard it was a pretty good movie.

“Thank you ever so much, love”

“It’s my job, Louis. By the way im Y/N”

“Well, Y/N, maybe I’ll see you around sometime” He smirked and left to join the others. You smiled at him and went back to your magazine, glancing in the direction he went in every once and a while.

You worked in a small arts and crafts store in central London and today being a particularly quiet day, you decided to rearrange the stock in the store. While rearranging the stock one of your favourite songs, Y/F/S, came on. You laughed and started slightly dancing and singing to the beat. You got so into the song that you hadn’t realised the shop door open. You whipped around once you heard a male voice slightly laughing. You gasped as a guy with a black quiff and a beautiful face with an awesome tattoo sleeve was standing against the door frame laughing at your dancing and singing. You blushed and apologised but that made him stop laughing.

"Sorry I didn't mean to offend you" He said and you made your way towards the counter.

“You're grand, how may I help you today?” You asked, awkwardly rubbing your hands together. He chuckled and walked towards the counter.

He paused and looked at my name tag “Y/N, you had some nice dance moves there and yeah do you have any spray paint?” He grinned at you as you rolled your eyes at his comment. You nodded and walked him to an aisle in the back of the store.

“If the colour you’re looking for or a sketch or something isn’t here just call me and I’ll have a look in the back for you” You sent him a small smile and made your way towards the counter. You sat on your stool again and doodled on the sketch book in front of you.

It had been around five minutes since you had seen the man that came in and you honestly believed he had left or something, when he walked up to the counter. You shot him a surprised look when you see how much spray paint and sketches he had. He chuckled and nodded. You scanned his items and he paid for them.

“Any good then?” You asked gesturing to the spray paint. He shrugged and smiled.

“Maybe you could see sometime for yourself, Y/N, I’m Zayn by the way” He grinned cheekily at you. You laughed and said goodbye to Zayn as he left the store.

“Maybe” You whispered to yourself.

You were out strolling in the local park when a little blonde haired boy ran up to you, tugging on your trousers. You looked at the boy, bending down to his height. He smiled worriedly at you.

“Heya, are you lost little man?” You asked the little boy, gazing around the park, looking for someone who might be looking for him.

“Yeah I am, miss, can you help me?” You mentally awed at the little child’s mannerly fashion.

"I’ll try helping you, I’m Y/N, what’s your name?” You asked the adorable blue eyed boy.

“I’m Theo and I was playing by the swings with my friends and couldn’t find my daddy.” He frowned and was starting to cry. You comforted him and tried to soothe him to make him stop crying .

“Theo I’m going to take you back to the swings and see if I can find your daddy, okay?” You said gently taking his tiny hand and walking with him to the swings where a frantic man was looking around. He had dyed blonde hair, his natural brown roots showing and his striking blue eyes had glazed over from searching for, what I assumed, was his son. His eyes soon reached us and he began briskly walking towards us.

Once he reached us he quickly picked up Theo and hugged him.

“Theo you scared us! Don’t do that again, buddy” He said to the boy, kissing his temple. He looked at me.

“Thank you so much. ” He paused because he didn’t know your name.

“Oh…I’m Y/N” You smiled.

“Thanks so much Y/N. Where was he?” You pointed towards the area where Theo came up to you.

“Oh my god that’s so close to the road! Wait ‘til your father hears about this mister!” He said to the little boy, tickling him a small bit.

“I thought you were his father?” You asked confused, the two had strikingly similar features.

“Oh no, I’m his uncle!” He chuckled and extended his hand towards me.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, it's just you two have very similar features" You apologised, the guy laughing.

“Don't worry about it, I get it a lot.I’m Niall, nice to meet you Y/N”

“Nice to meet you too, Niall.”

“I have to get him back to his parents, they’re worried sick. See ya around Y/N!” Niall said slightly waving as he walked back in the direction he came.

He walked towards two figures that were in the distance and the figures ran towards Niall and Theo, engulfing them in a hug.

I smiled and continued on my walk throughout the park.

“Next” You said as you stood at the register. You looked at the next customer; a guy in his early twenties, with curly brown hair with a fedora hat carefully placed on his head who was wearing a low cut t-shirt and really tight skinny jeans stood, arms crossed looking at the Starbuck’s menu above my head. After about three minutes he finally decided on what he was having.

“Hi can I get…ooh hello there” he said sending you a cheeky grin. You admit he was hot as hell but seriously? In the middle of Starbucks? You slightly giggled and asked him what he would like.

“Umm…Can I have a mango and passion fruit ice blend and your number?” He winked at you as you rolled my eyes and took his name to write on his cup. You got his drink and wrote his name along with your digits on it. What harm could it do? If he was a creep you could block him!

“Harry Styles?” You called out, making nearly every teenage girl in the shop turn towards you. That name sounded very familiar but you didn’t know where it was from. You spotted Harry and he had a look of fear on his face. You now recognized him! He was on all the magazines! You quickly thought of a different name.

“Sorry wrong name!” You called out to the crowd, making them turn away. You made eye-contact with Harry and signaled for him to come up. He obliged and walked quickly to you.

“Thanks so much Y/N” You were confused to how he knew your name but remembered your nametag.

“No problem, Harry. I’ll be expecting a call then, ya?” You winked while walking towards the register to serve another customer. You looked at
Harry once more and he smirked at you, before walking out the door, his drink in hand.

You were out partying with your friends for one of their birthdays at Funky Buddha and you were the designated driver so you were the only sober one. Plus you didn’t really drink that much anyway. You were out dancing with your friends when you suddenly felt dizzy and claustrophobic. You walked towards the bar and sat down, ordering simple water, when your ex-boyfriend, James, came up to you and grabbed your waist. You felt disgusted by him and could smell the alcohol off of him. You quickly grabbed his hands from your waist and threw them back. You turned around in your seat and yelled over the loud music at him to leave you alone because he truly was a creep. He ignored you and placed his finger on your lips, shushing you. You rapidly pulled away from his touch, immediately shouting curses at him. Your water came and you quickly grabbed it and walked briskly towards the smoking area, getting away from him as fast as you could. Although you did not smoke you knew that if James came after you, someone would be here. You sat on one of the seats, sipped your water and you felt much better. That was until James came out and sat down, putting his arm around you, making you feel very uncomfortable. You grabbed his hand and took it away from your shoulder. He grabbed your wrist, squeezing it tightly, making you yelp in pain. What were you thinking; nearly all of the people out here were drunk also. You told him to let go, which made him squeeze your wrist tighter.

“Hey dude let her go!” A deep male voice came from the left of you. You whipped your head toward the man in the snapback and the black skinny jeans with a cool graphic tee. You pleaded him with your eyes to get James off of you. He told James to once again let go of you, and when he didn’t listen again, the stranger punched James square in the jaw. You gasped but were glad James no longer had a hold of you.

The man took your hand and you stood up with him. He led you away from James and asked if you were okay.

“I’m fine but thank you so much, he can be really creepy sometimes. I broke up with him like six months ago and he still wont leave me alone.” You paused rubbing your wrist “I’m Y/N “You said extending your hand for him to take, which he did. “Liam” He replied smiling.

“Wanna ditch this place and get a kebab or something?” He asked. You quickly looked back to the club.

“I have to bring my friends home though.” You said but he just shrugged.

“We’re only going to go get some food, it’s not like I’m kidnapping you” This frightened you and you took a step back.

“Im joking, im joking” He said raising his hands. You giggled and linked hands with him.

You were at your best friend, B/F/N’s house and her twin brother Michael was having his band mates over. Apparently they have a new member and he was coming over to the Clifford house today to meet up with the other guys and have their first official band practice with the new guy. The house was practically buzzing with positive energy as everyone was excited about meeting him. You think B/F/N said his name was like Ashley or something, you can’t really remember, you were half asleep.

At 3 O’clock there was a knock at the door and Michael raced towards the door with Luke and Calum hot on his tail. Michael opened the door to welcome the new guy. The done the weird dude-hug-handshake thing and the four guys came into the living room to introduce the new guy to the rest of us.

“Mom, B/F/N, Y/N, this is Ashton our new drummer, Ashton this is my Mom, my sister and her best friend” Michael introduced us all and they notified us they were going out the ‘granny flat’ which was where they practice and hung out like ALL the time.

You and B/F/N watched the TV for about half an hour with Karen before she said you guys should go out and get to know Ashton. You walked out to the granny flat and slid open the door and walked in. B/F/N walked towards the couch with you behind her and you watched as the boys where setting up the Xbox.

“I thought you guys where practicing?” You questioned while laughing.

“We are! We’re practicing the theory that if we play Fifa. will it improve our real life football skills?” Luke defended making everyone laugh.

“Now who’s against who?” Calum asked looking at us all.

“Do you guys mind if I don’t play?” Ashton said looking at the boys.

“Why, what’s wrong? Do you not like Fifa or something?” Luke joked, everyone laughing except Ashton.

Ashton remained quiet, signalling he didn’t like Fifa.

“WHAT? HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE FIFA? EVERYONE LIKES FIFA!” Luke yelled but not scarily, that boy is as scary as a baby penguin.

“I don’t like Fifa!” You chimed in only to receive a glare from Luke. You laughed and slung your arm around Ashton.

“You can be my bestie now Ash, they all like Fifa, screw them!” You joked and you both laughed and talked to each other when the others decide to play anyway.

You and your friend, B/F/N where going to see your favourite bands, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, at your local stadium. You were super pumped because it was less than twenty-four hours away. You and B/F/N were staying at her house that night and the next night. Your parents had bought you VIP tickets for your birthday and you were meeting all the boys the next day after the concert. You barely slept that night due to the nervous excitement feeling that was running through your body. What If you didn’t wear the right clothes? Maybe they’d think you were too weird and kick you out? You fell asleep thinking about everything that could go wrong.

You woke up to your best friend waking you up by jumping on you. You groaned and pushed her off.

“Five more minutes!” You pleaded, wrapping yourself in your blankets.

“You’ve been saying that with the last hour! GET UP Y/N!”

You sighed and dragged your body out of the warm cocoon of blankets. You didn’t understand why you had to get up earlier than usual because the boys where in your city and the security weren’t opening gates till a specific time and there is no queuing aloud outside the venue. You made your way down stairs and got some breakfast which B/F/N made for the both of you. Turns out the reason you were getting up early was because 5SOS were doing a signing in half an hour at the local shopping mall that was less than five minutes away from B/F/N’s house.

You and B/F/N were next in line at the signing, your heart was thumping in your chest as four of your idols were right in front of you. It was finally your turn and you managed to stutter out your name to Luke as he signed your album. You took pictures with all the boys when you got to them and you gave them your twitter name.

After the 1D and 5SOS concert you were ecstatic, seeing your idols live was an amazing experience and now you were backstage waiting to meet them along with around fifty other girls. Once the doors opened to meet the boys the majority of girls ran straight towards One Direction. You knew most girls were there for 1D but you were expecting a bit more 5SOS fam. You and B/F/N walked towards the 5SOS boys and Michael recognised the both of you from the signing.

“Hey it’s the girls from the signing… Y/N and B/F/N I believe?” Michael exclaimed.

“That’s us! I can’t believe you remember us.” You say, shocked.

“A pretty face is hard to forget” He said winking at you.

You had just moved to Sydney and today was your first day of your new school. You were lucky that it was only a few weeks into the school year, meaning you hadn't missed much. You had already been to the principle's office and he had welcomed you and given you your class schedule. You were walking to the first class of your new school year, maths with Mrs. Hemmings, when you collided with one of your new schoolmates. You apologised immediately and looked at the guy you had bumped into, studying his features. He had bright blue eyes and blonde hair swept over his forehead. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, apologising in a small but deep voice. He looked so awkward that it was adorable.

You gave him a shy smile before walking to the math room, stopping every once in a while to check if you were going the right way. You finally got to the classroom, with little time left as the last bell for class rung down the hallway, filling it with sound. You slowly pushed the big door open to find a class full of teenagers your age. A woman with blonde hair, in her late thirties or early forties sat up front behind a wooden desk and a name plate that read: Mrs. L Hemmings. I gave her a small smile, which she returned.

“Good morning class, we have a new student here from Y/C, please welcome Y/N” Mrs. Hemmings announced to the class, which you really wish she hadn’t, because nearly every pair of eyes in the room turned toward you, including the boy you had bumped into. You awkwardly shifted your weight to your left foot and awaited your seat to be assigned to you.

“Y/N, please take a seat next to Luke” She said, while pointing to the boy you had run into. You shot her a smile before quickly making your way to the seat and sitting down. The boy from earlier, Luke, gave you a small shy smile before putting his attention back to Mrs. Hemmings. Through out the class Mrs.Hemmings was talking about a few theorems and you were completely lost. She assigned homework and left the class start on it early. As the class put their attention on the night’s homework, Mrs. Hemmings made her way towards your desk. She gave you a bright smile and filled you in on what the homework was on so you wouldn’t be lost. You thanked her and Luke said to you that if you needed help or had a question about the place that you could just ask him.

“Lucas! Please stop distracting our new student she needs to concentrate on catching up” The whole class erupted in “Ooh’s” and Luke blushed while muttering “Sorry mom” You looked at him in shocked before letting out a barely audible giggle. The class remained quite till the end of the lesson which was a few minutes away. The bell rang and student gathered their bags up and took off out of the classroom. I packed my bag and stood up, ready to make my way to English. I was joined though on my path out the door by none other than Luke.

“So, your mom’s your math teacher?” I asked with humour laced through my voice. He nodded before laughing, me joining him. We reached the door, him letting me out before him. How gentlemen like. I smiled at him and thanked him.

"So do you get the exam papers or what?" You winked at him laughing. He laughed also and stepped aside to let your fellow classmates out.

"I wish! I actually have to work to get the answers, which sucks." He chuckled and complained how he thinks his mother also grades him harder than the other students. The first bell for the next class rung down the hallway, lighting it up in movement as kids made their way to their classes.

“See ya later, Y/N, enjoy your first day here!” He exclaimed before walking in the opposite direction I was going in.

“See ya Luke” You replied before walking to your next class.

You were walking down the sidewalk to the grocery store to buy some food for the house you had just moved into with your family because your parents were unpacking the kitchen things and your siblings were too lazy to walk to the shop so that meant you had to. You placed your earphones in a familiar song ringing through your ears as you walked in time to the beat. You smiled and continued you way to the grocery store.

You made your way through the aisles and got what you thought were necessities; Nutella, bread, milk, butter, sugar and tea bags. You were looking for the Nutella when you felt someone watching you. You looked up, to meet a pair of dark brown eyes looking right at you. The person the eyes belonged to rapidly looked away and walked towards the fridges. You shrugged and went to the check-out. The cashier packed up your stuff and you paid. You took the bag and walked outside making your way back to your house. When you arrived back at your house and put away the things you bought, you declared yourself bored. You decided that you would go out to your back and draw something. You grabbed your sketch book, art pencils and a rubber before sitting in the lawn chair in your back garden. You were half way through drawing some random anime character when a football came flying over the fence and into your garden. You stood up and picked up the ball and looked at the fence where it came from. You walked over and peered over the fence to find the same brown eyes from the store looking at you. The guy had a ridiculously handsome face and a beanie that covered most of his thick black hair and he was wearing a Liverpool football jersey. You smiled at him and handed him the ball.

“I think this is yours. Im Y/N by the way. I guess we’re neighbours then?” You introduced yourself to the guy.

“Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Calum and yeah I guess we are” He said, awkwardly putting his hand over the fence to shake your hand. You took his and shook it.

"To be honest, Calum, your taste in football teams sucks" You giggled as he fake gasped and put his hand on his heart.

"How could you?" He laughed and rested his elbow on the fence. "So, Y/N what's your definition of a good taste in football teams?"

"Ah, seeing as im a Man United kinda gal, Im gonna have to say Man United" You winked at him and he shook his head, smirking. His back door opened and a girl who looked a few years his senior popped her head out.

“Calum come on you’re going to be late for training” She told him before disappearing again into the house. Calum muttered something inaudible and said goodbye to you.

"Good luck at training!" You told him as he picked up his football. Calum gave you a smile and said thanks before turning and walking up to his house.

“See you around,Y/N”

“See you around ,Calum” You said smiling and returning to your sketch book, your mind wandering to your new neighbour every once in a while.

SooI'd like to say thank you so much reading and please bare with us as writing 9 similar imagines. preferences can be tough work.

Please hit that heart button to be notified of when we update with new stories for you guys. If you would like a personal imagine or if you have a preference you would like us to write please leave a comment in the comment section below :D feel free to follow us and have a good day/night/evening/afternoon/ anything else. D