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What does it mean to be "American?" What makes it"American?" And how does it make us "American?" American standsfor the beliefs, the music, as well as the people that come fromthis great nation. The beliefs of this great nation speak every language.These beliefs stretch from the furthest reaches of Africa to thecity life of New York. These beliefs are pride, freedom, andequality. American means to be proud. It means to stand up forwhat you believe in and to fight for it wholeheartedly. Americanalso means to have freedom, freedoms to do what you wish, topractice your own religious ceremonies, customs, and beliefs.With these freedoms comes a responsibility, a responsibility tobe accountable for your actions. Equality is the basis ofAmerican society. Before equality for all, there was slavery.With this slavery came accounts of cruelty and disillusionedviolence. Without help from first hand accounts of slaves suchas Frederick Douglass and Olaudah Equiano, we would have neveremerged from this dark era in American history.

American music is the envy of nations around the world.From Led Zeppelin to Snoop Doggy Dog, American music continues todiversify and grow. American bands develop large masses offollowers in nations of all different ethnic backgrounds. FromAsia to Germany, American music continues to influence the musicstyles of the rest of the world. Proud American men and women joined the armed forces toserve the country that they love and protect. These people showwhat it means to be American. Just as the colonists fought theBritish for Independence in April Morning, they risk their lives,for something they believe in and cherish. These same peoplealso stand for exploration and discovery. The first white peoplelead by Captain Smith, traveled to the newly discovered Americas,to explore and colonize. They show the American strength ofcharacter, determination, and will. To be "American" is to be many things. It means differentthings to different people, yet they all agree on the basicAmerican fundamentals. The beliefs, music, and people of acountry define the essence of that nation.

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What does it mean to be American?

What does it mean to be American?

What it means to be American

People in the United States differ greatly in beliefs, physical appearances, and heritage; yet we all call ourselves Americans. We feel prouder than ever to say "I am American," raising American flags, wearing symbolic shirts, and showing true patriotism. But what really makes us American? What is the common factor that unites us? Is it our pride in our country? Our culture and style? Or maybe it is our liberties granted to us by the constitution? America spans three centuries and over eight generations. A lot has transpired in that time to make us into who we are today. All in all, America has a very diverse society and a multitude of rights, which give us our identity.

An American is a "Citizen of the United States." This citizen has certain unalienable rights outlined by the constitution, including the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to vote for our leaders.

This citizen has the right to bear arms, they have the opportunity for free public education, and the right to protest. They also have the right to express opposing views.

Being an American means enjoying more security, freedom, and liberty than any other nation in the world. Americans have the opportunity to become what ever they desire, and they can choose their future, whether they are successful or not. People have the freedom to do as they want to do, and say what they want to say. Therefore, being an American means you have "the quality or state of being free." As Andrew Jackson says, "Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure is to betray it." Freedom is not something that should be taken for granted.

For a person to be a.

Citation styles:

"Being an American means enjoying more security, freedom, and liberty than any other nation in the world" --

Might i add, that Americans know less about what is happening in places other than America than anywhere else in the world due to the controlled media in America. You do not know that you enjoy more security, freedom, and liberty than any other nation in the world unless you have lived in every nation in the world.

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What Does It Mean To Be American

What Does It Mean To Be American

What Does It Mean To Be American Essay, Research Paper

What does it mean to be “American?”

“American?” And how does it make us “American?” American stands

for the beliefs, the music, as well as the people that come from

this great nation. The beliefs of this great nation speak every language.

These beliefs stretch from the furthest reaches of Africa to the

city life of New York. These beliefs are pride, freedom, and

equality. American means to be proud. It means to stand up for

what you believe in and to fight for it wholeheartedly. American

also means to have freedom, freedoms to do what you wish, to

practice your own religious ceremonies, customs, and beliefs.

With these freedoms comes a responsibility, a responsibility to

be accountable for your actions. Equality is the basis of

American society. Before equality for all, there was slavery.

With this slavery came accounts of cruelty and disillusioned

violence. Without help from first hand accounts of slaves such

as Frederick Douglass and Olaudah Equiano, we would have never

emerged from this dark era in American history.

American music is the envy of nations around the world.

From Led Zeppelin to Snoop Doggy Dog, American music continues to

diversify and grow. American bands develop large masses of

followers in nations of all different ethnic backgrounds. From

Asia to Germany, American music continues to influence the music

styles of the rest of the world.

Proud American men and women joined the armed forces to

serve the country that they love and protect. These people show

what it means to be American. Just as the colonists fought the

British for Independence in April Morning, they risk their lives,

for something they believe in and cherish. These same people

also stand for exploration and discovery. The first white people

lead by Captain Smith, traveled to the newly discovered Americas,

to explore and colonize. They show the American strength of

character, determination, and will.

To be “American” is to be many things. It means different

things to different people, yet they all agree on the basic

American fundamentals. The beliefs, music, and people of a

country define the essence of that nation.

What Does It Mean To Be Asian American History Essay

What Does It Mean To Be Asian American History Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Means as the population living in the U.S. who self-identify as having Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry, in whole or in part, regardless of whether they're U.S.- or foreign-born, a U.S. citizen or not, length of residence, or in the U.S. legally or illegally.

2) Asian Americans are Americans of Asian descent. They include groups such as Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian/Khmer, Pakistani Americans and others whose national origin is from the Asian continent.

Jesse = all other sub divisions

Bangladeshi and Pakistani Americans

First known numbers of South Asians (Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis) WHAT ARE SOUTH ASIANS CONSIDERED? Begin arriving on the West Coast of the US at the beginning of the 20th century. They developed the West by building railroads, preparing and culivating the agricultural lands of California, they reclaimed the desert in the Southwest (WHAT DESERT IN THE SOUTHWEST?), and worked in the lumber industry in Oregon and Washington.

When this occurred the first peoples from present day Sri Lanka and Bangladesh arrived in extremely small numbers. Yamau Kira (PICTURE? MORE INFO) a native of Ceylon, came to the US in 1913. He opened the first South Asian restaurants in New York City (the Ceylon India Inn). By 1940's merchant seaman from what is now Bangladesh began settling in the states of the New York and New Jersey. They then established the first Pakistani American Association in New York in 1947. (WHAT IS THIS?).

Bangladeshi Americans - Before 1971 when Bangladesh became and independent nation, Bangladeshi were considered to be Pakistanis. In 2000, 7215 Bangladeshis were admited into the US. 65 % came as relatives existing residences in the US, 9.4 % were granted for job purposes, and 23.8 % were admited in a diversity program. This program is result of the 1990 Immigration Act's lottery program which enable and encouraged immigration from countries that were not already sending large numbers.

New York poses as the location where there are the highest populated area of Bangladeshi Americans, nearly 52%, most of which work in the restaurant and transportation industries. Other highly concentrated areas are California, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia. Reason for migration to new residents is due to the fact that there are far too many in New York this work is hard to come by, thus they transfer to areas in Michigan to work in the automotive industry. A survey done in 1991 revealed the Bangladeshi Americans applied for more than 10% of driving permits for taxi.

Were another of the first South Asians to settle in the US. They made destination on the West Coast because it was where their family's roots traced back to in the early 1900's. When Pakistan became it own independent nation in 1947 a large group of individuals came into the US under the family reunification provisions of the US Immigration law. More and more came as students from the 1950's to the 1960's. (WHY. MORE INFO) Pakistanis continued to enter into the US on temporary student visas, and after 1965 many entered as professional and skilled workers. Many of those who came with student visas eventually applied to stay as a resident in the US because of the low economy. As with Bangladeshi, in 2000, 73% of new immigrants entered the US due to be with other family members, 13.6 for job related programs, and 12.1% with diversity programs.

Pakistani Americans are said to be the 10th largest APA (WHAT IS APA?) community, and are found across the nation but mostly in New York (48%), California and Texas. One study based from the 1990 Census showed that 25.3% had 4-years of college and 25.4 had post-graduate degree. Pakistani American statistics state that they partake in a wide variety of different occuaptions, many had mangerail level porfessional positions, worked in sales and administrative positions, had services jobs and of course some also worked as laborers and in production. Very few even accounted for self employment.

The South Asians have come together to form the South Asian American LEadres of Tomorrow, which was establish in order to take action in dangerours occurances of violence.

From 1969 to 1973 private US forces conducted air bombing raids on the North Vietnamese troops over the Camboian Border, even though during such times Combodia claimed neutrality. These US bombings caused many Cambodian civiliam deaths along with much damage to land and property which unfortunatley increase the anti american belief, and increased the support for the communist Khmer Rouge. When US forces moved from the region in 1975, Khmer Rouge defeated the US dependant Cambodian government. Rouge took control in April of 1975, and he created a restruction of the Cambodian society, with intent of establishing a Agrarian socialist state (WHAT IS THIS?) He went about this attempt by enforcing labor camps, imposed murder for those in opposition of power, ethnic minoriesty, those from religious, professional and education part of society and any who questioned the values of the new ruler. The Khmer Rouge abolished banks, schools, stores, hospitals, religion and even tried to destroy the idea of a family. Often times, children were taken from their parents and familys to work in large groups as soliders. The Khmer Rouge reigned for 4 years and during this period, 1/3 of the Cambodian population died by starvation, torture or execution. (approx 2 million). In 1979 the Vietnamese government gained control of the country and ended this devesting period. After this reign 600,000 refugees went to refugee camps on the Thai boarder, it was at this point that many Cambodians sought out territory in the US.

The 1980 Cenus for accounted for Cambodians in the US. It recorded that half of all Cambodians in the US were admitted as refugess. It was in the 1980's when their were very liberal refugee laws which accounted for the extreme increase of Cambodian Americans. Based on the Naturalization Service aka, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, statistics, state that 114,064 Cambodians were allowed as refugees during the 1980's. After this period refugee admissions were must more strict and very few Cambodians were admitted. Unfortunately the demographics and statistics for the Cambodian American community has been difficult to determine due to the fact that the community is often times undercounted for by the Census Bureau. One particular report in 1992 informed by the Center of Survey Methods Research of the Census Bureau, stated that conflicting languages, weary ideas of the government and their trust, unusual residences and household composition affected the counts of the Census quite significantly.

In 1996 newly implement immigration laws (WHAT ARE THESE?) were placed in which have set policies that limited the benefits of non-citizens/refugees and most importantly require immediate deporation of those convicted of crimes.

The 1990 Census reports that a large number of this community struggles greatly with poverty (47%), poor Enlgish (56%), and little education (6% of Cambodians over 25 have a bachelors degree).

As noted, learning English is the greatest challenge when settling in the United States, since most of those that migrated here were refugees and possess little education skills. These peoples, Cambodian refugees have the lowest educational level, only 3.1 years of school before coming to America. Due to their inability to community effectively it has made it difficult for first generation Southeast Asian Americans to become citizens, because they are unable to pass the English fluency portion of the citizenship test (WHAT ARE SUCH TESTS?) Those in South Asia are described as the "poorest region" and the most "illiterate region" and it has emerged as "anti-education society in the midst of a pro-education Asian culture" (Haq and Haq 1998, p. 42). Unfortunatly post generations are also posed with the iinabilyt to gain such citizenship because they are influence by their parents who were unable to pass English. Sadly due to prior incidents many Cambodians are hesitant to become involved in the government based upon past historians that have control their community, thus many are full of fear, distrust for the government and are unconcerned with their democratic position in the world.

Chinese Americans

The Filipino American population started to become more apparent after the Phillippines became a territory of the United States in 1898. They came as labors mostly in agriculture and as students. Since 1970 the population has grown nearly 7 times, making up almost 1% of the national population. The Filipino population includes hapas of the part-Flipino ancestry (WHAT IS THIS?) which make up about 22% of this community.

After the Philippines became part of the US, their was a loss in small family owned farm. With hopes of making money many young male Filipinios with little education migrated to the US, especialy since after the Spanish American war, they were able to receive status as American nationals (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?). The first large migration was into Hawaii from 1906-1935, where they were laboros in sugar and pineapple plantations, and later they destined to California as migrant laborers.

After settlement in California hostility arose and negative stereotypes were based on the sexual prowess of Filipinio males. As usual at first their was little concern with Flipinos wedding white women, but eventually, issues came about concerning racial purity and mixed race children, which initiated lawmakers to make changes to antimiscegenation laws to include Filipino (WHAT ARE SUCH LAWS)

The Tyding-McDuffy Act of 1935 began to limit such free migration by granted the Philippines independence which relabeled Filipinos as aliens, and limited only 50 individual migrations per year. When World War II started many Philippines born were recuited to serve in the millary where they were placed in jobs as stewards and cooks.

Next in history came the 1965 Immigration Act, Filipinios arrived in the US for educaitn, work and to seek freedom in America, leaving behind the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos. With this migration it resulted in increase Filipino Americans who were highly educated, because these migration brought professionals in various fields, many from the medical fields. During this migration session, most of the immigrants were professional and technical workers.

Most Filipinos today still reside in areas of initial settlement, California and Hawaii, where the first generation immigrations established communities and societies. Most live in California where there is an outgrowth from the Navel base, when the US military recurited Filipinios for enlisted positions. Currently due to economic offereing, many filipinos are attracted to areas like Nevade, where they can work in the tourism field in hotels, shops, casinos, restaruents and in hospitals as nurses. In the last few decades many Filipinos have been hired into hospitals due to a shortage in particular hospitals, and even more recently has their been a huge demand for Filipinos in the teaching industry. However, such immigrants are require to pay their immigration fee as well as any licensure needed to be suited for the field. With such shortages it is to say that in the future their will be some migration, although unsure of how much, but the immigrants will be somewhat educated and skilled workers. Overall many filipinos are working low to middle paying jobs and generally provide on opportunity for promotion into high paying jobs. Another example of the racism Filipinos have expereince is presented in that only recently we have granted World War II veterans full benefits for their service. Plus in conclusion of 9/11 many Filipinos have been supposedly laid off.

Most Filpino immigrations today are women based on reports from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Factors contributing to the rise of female immigration, the idea that our economy has created more jobs in which women are able to work in,

By the 1980's the Philippines had surpassed China and Japan as the number 1 Asian country with immigrats coming the US, by 1990's they sent more immigrants than any country other than Mexico. After 1986 when the pass of the Immigration Marriage Fraud Ammendants entailed intense penalties for marriage fraud, immigration decrease and the main means of migration into the US was due to employment based situations what were typically only temporary.

Recently the Absconder Apprehension Initiative was established as part of the United States Department of Justice's anti terroist campaign. Resulting from this many of Pilipinos are deported becaseu the Phillippines were among one of the few locations that were considered to be link with the Al Qaeda nations, because of the Adu Sayyaf terrorist in the Basilan Islands, even though this particular island is only one of 7,100 islands.

Sadly, even though the President Arroyo was one of the frist few to support the anti terroist war that was intiative by the Bush Administraion, the US has not protected nor have they offered to have prevent racial deporation and violences. Resulting from the US's racism toward Philipinos it has made in increasingly difficult for them to succeed in the US.

Indians have migrated into the US since the 1820's but due to the strict laws on immigrations, by the end of the 19th century only 800 Indians were recorded to have migrated. A sect of Indian Americans, the Sikhs were admited into San Fransico on April 6, 1899, was a historical dated event, and afterwhich soon followed in their footsteps. The Sikh immigrants were mostly males and they established communities on the West coast. The Hindus were working in timber mills in Portland until 1922 and this area of congregation was named "Hindu Alley". In San Fransico, 1908, a Hindu temple was dedicated to the people. The first organized society of Sikhs was united in 1911, in Stockton, California, and a temple was constructed shortly thereafter. Indians made apperence in college education when 6 were enrolled as students at Berkeley.

As with many other minorities, there are issue with coexisting with the dominant majority of people, Indians were seen as a threat for jobs as workers. In 1907, in Bellingham Washington, a mob of nearly 500 men raided boarding house and mills casuing about 300 Indians to run. Other laws that were enact in California during this period, 1913 Alien Land Law which prevented Japanese and Chinese from owning and farming land, this law too allipled to Indians.

Their was no significant migration of Indians to the US until the 1965 Immigration Act was put into place. A large amount of the Indian American population is composed of Indo-Caribbeans. They were brought by the Britians to the Caribbean as early as the 1800's as indentured workers.

The East-West Center study of Asian Indians in the US based on Census Data from 1980, it reported that Asian Indians easily assimilated economically well, but in cultural and religious areas they were extremely diversified. Indians had the highest household income, family income and yearly income over any other non-native born group.

The Indian American population is predominatly young working age people. Over fifty perscent are between the ages of 20 and fourty and it may vary becasue for the 2000 Census form some were confused about whether they were to complete the forms, thus there are some unaccounted for Indian Americans.

More than 25% of Asian Indians in the US were born in the US, 51.3% were born in India, and about 10% are born Pakistan, Bandladesh and Guyana, and the last 15% are born in other areas of the world, which proves that there is a huge disproportion of Asian Indians in the World.

As with other Asian Americans, Indian Americans are heavily populated in San Fransisco and New York City.

Asian Indians are by far more apt to receive an education then those of any population and marital status or age group. Reason for such intelligence and ability is because most Asian Indians that immigrated to the US have completed at least a bachelor's degree, also due to this selectivity it skews Census data reguarding levels of education. The 2000 Census show that 54% of Asian Indians had professional or college education.

Directly disportionate to educational levels attained the average income of an individual Asian Indian in 200 was only $29,000. The differences vary between sexes greatly, males receiving yearly salary of nearly $41 k and females only $16K.

There are continued debates whether Asian Indians should be indlued in decisions based on policies and whether businessess owned by Asian Indians should quailfy for minority status.

Data reguarding Asian Indians in 2000 is positive for them to advance socioeconmically, although compared to those of different ethnicity and similar abilties they are earning significant lower wages.

They are an ethnic group that ages back 3,000 years ago in China. Most of this community still remains in southwestern China. ¼ of the population migrated to the Southeast Asian Countires. where they labors mostly as farmers in rural lands.

The first significant migration to the US was when with the fall of Saigon and Laos to Communist forces in 1975, although their was a fall, many Hmong were tied with pro American, anti communist forces when their were initial conflicts with Vietnam and Laos. Those with such beliefs exposed to violence, incarceration and refugee camps.

During 1981 to 1986 the migration of Hmongs decrease to only a few thousand a year and thereafter in 1987 to 1994 it went on the rise again, in which 56,000 were admitted to the US. Due to the first huge wave of Hmong certain agencies intentional dispersed Hmong people around the Nation, Major cities, Philadelpha, Chicago, Missoula, Tulsa and Salt Lake City. Their intention ended up being unsuccessful and many of the Hmong settled in poor heavily populated regions with African Americans where they were exposed to much racism and violence. AS a result many want to return to their family's and groups. Because of their strong desire their was congregation from the mid to late 1980's to central california. In the 1990's migration occurred again from the West lands to the Midwestern and Southern areas. Many that migrated continue to live in the areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Reasons for attraction to the midwest is because many feel that the opportunity to succeed is greatest along with the notion that the cost of living is cheaper comparable to California.

The Hmong can be grouped in many different ways, even by the color or design of their colthing. Legend states that these divisions were established due to the result of Chinese conqueros who forced them to divide and in turn identify themselves by wearing particular colthing (White, Black, Flowery, Red, Striped and Cowery Shell)

Many of the Hmong that came to America were unprepared for the econmy and democracy found in America because they lived as farmers and didn't graduate let alone go to high school, thus many according to the 2000 Census had difficulty adapting financially and had to accept the offered public assistance.

The Hmong familys are traditionally composed of many children, which explains many trends in their population, reason why their had difficulty adapting to finances, and the huge population increase in the late 90's, with this belief the Hmong community is likely to be the fastest growing Asian sect in the United States. Along with this tradition Hmong people are dedicated to one antoher, reason being their current community leaders are older leaders from Laos or their decendants/relatives. General Vang Pao who was in control of the Hmong who fought against the Communists Vietnamese is still the political leader for Hmong in the US. Although many continue to favor him, newer generations of Hmong leaders are apparent. These younger leaders are generally well educated and not generally apt to continue to agree with the old ways of prior politicians. Usually these leaders are not first generation and are more willing to reform such traditions that conicide with American ways, such leaders have campaingend against polygamy, domestic violence and teenage marriage. Some leaders are also trying combat issues with young Hmong joining gangs, and rather encourage entrepreneurship. With a strong will to be successful the Hmong have good hopes to a desired future in America. Japanese Americans

Korean Americans

The Laotian Community conintues to be extremely diversified from one another, they speak various languages, have different religions and are found in numerous different places in the US as well as cover lows and highs of socioeconomic status. Nearly all of them arrive in the US as refugees or children of refugees starting in 1975 when Communist Pathet Lao defeated the Lao native supports of the US. During his reign, thousands of Laotians fled across the Mekong river to Thailand in search of safety in refugee camps.

The first migration of refugee arrived from Laos between 1979 and 1981. Then the second wave came between 1986 and 1989. Fortunate for the Laotians they are mnay non-profit organizations that support and advocate Laotian Americans; the Southeast Asian Resource Action Center, Laotian American National Alliance and the Lao American Women Association.

The Laotian culture is composed of many vaiours minority groups itself, the dominant group, is the Lao Loum, or Lowland Lao and make up 70% of the population in Lao.

Many Laotians came to the US wihtout knowledge of any written language, little to no experience with waged labor and little experience with formal education. Because cultural many lack the skills and education necessary to work, and thus obtain two or more laborous jobs whilst leaving young children home alone. The 2nd Generation Laotian American children have many consequence accademcially, because their parentse are unable to provide them with parental help, they are also often unable to purchase needed resources in order to ahcieve high learning. Because so many children are discourgaeg by education there is a high rate of youth being incarcerated. Although there are the negative aspects of youth in education, many are able to succeed and atribute their success due to Laotian Student Associations, that provide accademic support and most importantly a network of other related students who share similar cultural issues.

As with many minoritys Laotian Americans are faced with the decrease cultural sense, tradions, values and languages. because the Laotain are not dominant in one area and are dispirsed all over the nation there is lack of community. The typical Laotian American family includes menembers beyond the 1st generation, but rather with grandparents and elders which are look up to and respected as the leaders of the home. These elderly pass down folktales and stories to the young which express much tradition and culture, and are often times important for teaching because many native born Laotians cannot write their own language. The issue arises because many of the young are introduced to English are are unable to understand their native language thus are unable to learn of past cultural traditions. The predominant segment, the Lowland Laotion practiced Theravadha Buddhism in Laos. This religious practice has been continued in the US and has been useful for building community. They have also establish temple in which is a place where others can socialize and vairious generations are able to take language and dance classess.

The Laotian American has great diversity and because of their various cultures they need to become aware that they must unite in order to express themselves in the US politics and to establish common issues that they would present.

Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islander Americnas

The Taiwanese population is only a little less than that of the Chinese population living in america, most of which about half live in California, while a large amount live in Washington DC, Houston and New York City.

The Taiwanese are ethinically Chinese though the speak their own Dialect and there are also other policat reason why Taiwanese Americans choose to represent a distinct identity. They were defeated by the Communists, the National government and 1.5 million Chinese. Afterwhich they fled the mainland to the island of Twiwan in the late 1940's, where they practiced a US supported government.

Other animosity is because many Taiwanese were killed and imprisioned for having opposing views of the Nationalists. Those that immigrated from Taiwan when it was established have differing views to reunite with the mainland to those that have immigrated more recently because it is not rule by the military government by but the Democratic Progressive Party and strongly opposes reunition with China.

As like other Asian communities the Taiwanses starting coming to the US in significant numbers during the 1960's under the new immigration laws that encouraged and allowed for the skilled and educated to migrate, thus the Taiwanse American population is mostly well educated, those other than 25, 60% have at least a bachelors degree compared to 40% of chinese and only 20% among other Asian groups. Those Taiwanese that are 16 years or older and that are employ 82% attain managerial and professional occupations, or sales and adminstrative positions. Comparably Taiwanse are more successful than the Chinese Americans, they have higher incomes and lower poverty levels than any other group.

Twiwanese American communities can be found all over the nation but they are heavily populated in the Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park, so much that it is sometimes considered the unoffical capitol. More than 61% of the population in 2000 is Asian, the greatest amount composed of Taiwanese. In 1972 Frederic Hsieh a Chinese American real estate developer encourage immigrats from Taiwan an alternative to Chinatowns in San Fran and New York, Monterey Park. He attracted Taiwanese by translating Monterey Park to "lush, very green park" into Chinese, Mengtelu, he established the area code as 818, where 8 is considered lucky by many Asian group. He also classified the schools as "good" which is always a factor for immigrants when settle. By 1980 Hsieh successfully attracted his disired peoples and 2/3 of the businesses were owned by Chinese, it even had a Chinese mayor and largely portion of the city council was Asian. Issues finally became present between the new minority which was becoming the majority in Monterey Park, a gas station sigh read, "Will the last American to leave Montery Park please bring the flag?" It was then that the city council discussed whether to make English the dominmant language and force businesses to put of English signs. Over time the issue diminished and Monterey Park is thus considered a rare example of a multicultural society.

Vietnamese Americans Asianation Asian Cuisine and Foods Asian American Athletes Martial Arts, Video Games and Hip-hop