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For And Against Mobile Phones In School Essay

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No mobile phones at school- benefits and drawbacks

No mobile phones at school- benefits and drawbacks

Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern life and they are becoming more and more common among students in high schools and even in grade once. Due to many factors and parents' fears many schools are prompted to ban usage of cell phones. Solving the problem this way is connected with many benefits and drawbacks.
Firstly, phones can be considered as an extremely serious distraction for students. The wide variety of applications makes playing mobile games, chatting, browsing websites and listening to music available during the classes. Moreover, cheating during exams by exchanging messages without the teacher knowing is possible. In addition, phone ringing and vibrating might disturb the lesson.
On the other hand, mobile phones can serve as a connection between students and their parents as it is sometimes the only way to be in touch round the clock. What is more, they might be an invaluable tool in emergency, prompt situations. Thanks to many phone applications we can treat them as great pass-timers outside class hours, as well as, the kind of counting tool, dictionary and a bank of data and information.
To conclude, possibility of having mobile phones at school has its bad and good sides. Everything boils down to the school rules and the way how the teachears carry them out. We can treat such an invention as a blessing when it is used properly.

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Write to argue for or against mobile phones being allowed in school - GCSE English - Marked by

Write to argue for or against mobile phones being allowed in school

Extracts from this document.

Imagine your sat down in a classroom, all is quiet, when suddenly a reppettetive and rhymic ringtone slices through the peace and suddenly the class is in an uproar. This is a problem faced by many teachers in many classrooms across the country. This disturbance not only interrupts the teacher but also effects the education and learning cycle of countless children. This is why I make the proposal that mobile phones should be banned. Outright. The problems they cause are undeniable, and therefore I propose that you have been hassled by half thought pleas that pupils can switch them off or turn them on silent, and I am sure that if this were the rule many would agree. . read more.

Others have argued that they should be left in bags or lockers, which could solve the problem. However how long will it be before one is stolen, leading to a barrage of complaints and allegations from parents. 'The bottom line' is that the school will not be responsible if we don't allow them on the premises. Many have brought up the issue of pupils becoming 'stranded' in schools and unable to contact a parent. This I agree is a downside, yet it can be avoided if pupils organise their day and their time correctly. . read more.

Phones cause another problem in that G.C.S.E. students generally waste a lot of time at home on MSN, or going out when they really need to be revising, so why should more of their precious time be wasted in school following interruptions which need not occur. Moreover if we don't allow them in school then they will not get into exam halls where they cause havoc and often lead to disqualification. I would just like to thank you for listening, and hopefully agreeing, to my proposal that mobile phones should and need to be banned from schools. . read more.

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The essay here is a good attempt at a Writing to Argue task, and demonstrates a good level of knowledge on how to write an effective argument. I will say outright that the tone of the piece borders on hysterical.

Response to the question

The essay here is a good attempt at a Writing to Argue task, and demonstrates a good level of knowledge on how to write an effective argument. I will say outright that the tone of the piece borders on hysterical and some of the argument appears fairly ignorant of more realistic concerns, with can often undermine the argument and make having a mobile phone on school premises not seem like such a bad idea. For this I recommend being slightly more concerned with a realistic argument that realises the unpredictability of life, no matter how pre-planned and predetermined it is (phones are to be used in an emergency would be a good compromise and a welcome balance in the essay).

The essay's positives however are that it is written with a very firm hand, giving an indication of confidence and sincerity; it also utilises a number of linguistic rhetoric devices like alliteration, rhetorical questions, exemplary scenarios and Second Person address. All these help the effectiveness of the argument, as they engage the reader and propose the argument with force.

Level of analysis

The Level of Argument is very high, but in some parts a result of this is that it is not very convincing. The candidate appears to be very pig-headed about their stance on mobile phones in school, and perhaps a compromise would've provided better balance as this argument does seem very one-sided, with the candidate rebuttals to counter-argument feeling very one-sided and ignorant. For instance, suggesting that parents and students should organise their day before school to avoid the need to phone in the case of an emergency or suggesting that phones are a primary cause of bullying undermines the intelligence of a student to be able to reasonably use their phones within permitted times such as break time or lunch time, so whilst the argument is impressive in the number of the techniques it uses, it would be better to see fewer techniques sued more appropriately and reasonably.

Quality of writing

The Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is fair but some areas do not properly adhere to the rules of Standard English "Also teachers, or receptionists are always here to provide a phone if that situation arises" is not a proper sentences. The previous sentences requires a comma to link the quoted sentence to it. This is basic primary school grammar and should not be an issue for GCSE candidate. These errors need to be rectified with carefully proof-reading in order to make sure the QWC mark is as high as possible.

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    Mobile phones at

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