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Alonza Thomas Lon Hagan (1870 - 1945) - Find A Grave Memorial

Aug. 25, 1945
Monroe County
Indiana, USA

Alonzo Thomas Hagan (AKA; Alonzo, Alonza, Lon, LT) was born 1 August 1870 in Metcalfe County Kentucky.

Alonzo's father, Francis Hagan (Frank), was a farmer. His mother, Elizabeth M. Darnell, was Francis' 3rd wife. Alonzo was born when his father was 57 and his mother was 35. Alonzo was the 16th child to be born into a family of 18 children.

Alonzo's parents were illiterate and, as represented by US Census records, neither Alonzo nor any of his siblings attended school on a regular basis. Alonzo never learned to read or write, but he learned to farm with the rest of the family.

Sometime around 1893 Alonzo married Nancy Elizabeth Murray (AKA Nannie). He was about 22 and she was about 20. They had the means to rent a home separate from their parents. Alonzo worked as a farm laborer on other farms until he was able to purchase his own farm. They were never financially flush.

Together Alonzo and Nannie had five children:

Hazel V. Hagan [Bybee]
Herschel Lane Hagan
Susie Hagan [Swann]
Fred Hagan
Edward Walter Hagan

By 1920 Alonzo's daughters had married and his oldest sons had moved north to find work. Herschel and Fred found jobs with the Showers Furniture Factory in Bloomington, Indiana. Hershel's young wife was expecting their first child.

Sometime close to 1920, Alonzo and Nannie decided to sell the farm and follow their sons to Bloomington. It may be that the farm was no longer viable without their sons working it. It might be that Herschel and Fred found Bloomington so much to their liking that they encouraged their parents to move. It may be that the move was triggered by the birth of Herschel's son in March of 1920 and the death of his wife in April.

By 1930 Alonzo and Nannie were renting a house with their sons in Bloomington. All three sons worked for the Shower's Furniture company at some time. Alonzo worked odd jobs and Nannie raised their grandson.

For the remainder of their lives Alonzo and Nannie rented a home in Bloomington. They never owned a farm again. Their sons and grandsons lived with them at various times. They helped to raise two motherless grandsons.

Alonzo died in 1945, shortly after his 74th birthday.

Nancy Elizabeth Murray Hagan (1873 - 1958)

* Calculated relationship

College Scholarship M

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Awarded to a full-time student in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology who has successfully earned a minimum of 56 credits and be entering the junior year of study. Must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership within the Eberly College and the promise of success within the professional business arena. Preference will be given to Finance, International Business, or Management majors. Scholarship may be renewable for the senior year if criteria continue to be met.

Scholarships are awarded to students based on characteristics that may include academic performance, athletic ability, special talents, or affiliation with a particular organization or group.

Funds received through scholarship programs do not have to be repaid. Some scholarships are one-year awards while others may be renewable. Be sure to be aware of the criteria for maintaining eligibility if you receive a renewable award.

There are numerous sources of scholarships, including IUP, state and federal government, foundations, clubs and organizations, religious groups, and other entities. Sometimes just finding out about available scholarship opportunities can be challenging.

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Herbert Thomas Mills ( - 1931)

Herbert Thomas Mills About Herbert Thomas Mills

1861 census: Herbert age 3 yrs, born Barking 1858, is recorded as a scholar (unlikely) at 2 Maryland Road All Saints Westham, West Ham, where he lives with his parents Alonza and Mary, and siblings Alonza, Edward, George, and Ruth.

1871 census: Herbert Thomas, age 13 yrs, born 1858, is still at Maryland Road West Ham, with Alonza and Mary, and his siblings Alonza, Edward Cross, Ruth Mary and George Henry. His grandmother, Mary Ann Chapman, mother of Mary, age 74 yrs is living in the household. The other children have all moved on.

1881 census: "Cumberland House" Barn Street West Ham. Herbert Thomas Mills, age 23 yrs, born 1858, is a farmer working with his father, Alonza Mills age 52 yrs born 1829 at Spitalfields, who employs 17 persons. Mary Ann Mills age 52 yrs, his mother, and a house servant, Alice Stanford, age 18 yrs born 1863 at Stratford Essex, complete the household.

1891 census: Herbert age 33 yrs born 1858 at Barking, is farming with his parents at "Cumberland House", new Barn Street, West Ham, with domestic servant Ruth Burbridge 23 yrs, who will become his housekeeper. Alonza is still head of the household, age 62 yrs.

1901 census: 464 Barking Road West Ham. Herbert Thomas Mills, single farmer, employer, 43 yrs born 1858 at Barking, is now head of the household with Ruth Bridge (sic) 34 yrs born 1867 at Sandwich in Kent, recorded as his housekeeper. Must be Ruth Burbridge and a recording error. Alonza and Mary Ann have died, he in 1898.

There are 4 households at 464 Barking Road. Not sure what that means. Everyone but Herbert works on the Thames as dock labourer or lighterman, so they are not employed on a farm by Herbert. Puzzling! I wonder if he is letting out cottages on the farm to tenants.

1911 census: Herbert Thomas Mills 53 yrs born 1858 Barking Essex, single, farmer at Cumberland Farm. ington Rd, Plaistow, Essex. and Ruth Burbridge, 44 yrs, born Sandwich Kent, single, housekeeper. See documents Or, in another version, living at Farm, Cumberland Road, West Ham, Essex, other details the same.

It seems that Herbert has inherited his father Alonza's farm and housekeeper.

September quarter 1931: Herbert Thomas Mills, born 1857, dies age 74 yrs, without descendants, at West Ham, Essex. Vol 4A page 46.

Herbert Thomas MIlls of 2 Stopford Road, Plaistow, Essex died 27 July 1931. Probate granted London 14 September 1931 to Thomas Buckle, salesman. Effects: 1,506 pounds 2s and 5d. Thomas Buckle is Herbert's nephew, son of his sister Ruth.

Herbert's sister Ruth is the only one of his siblings to have had a reasonable life, it seems. Thus, her son, Thomas is executor. His will probably provides for the Buckles, even though his brothers had children.

Alonza thomas essay scholarships

Scholarships Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. State of Georgia Proudly Announces the ALONZA A. BENNETT

The scholarship is to encourage academically qualified merit and need-based brothers from the state of Georgia attending institutions of higher learning. The maximum scholarship amount is $1,000.00. A unique opportunity is available for individual brothers and/or chapters to support this scholarship fund. Brothers nor chapters are limited to any given amount.

Why Support The Fund?
  • Your contribution ensures that our brothers will be able to reach their academic goal
  • It is an opportunity to “give back” to Omega by helping deserving brothers
  • All scholarship donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made via check or money order payable to “Alonza A. Bennett Honorary Scholarship”
Scholarship Criteria
  • All collegiate levels are eligible
  • Undergraduate or Graduate students
  • Available only to brothers from the state of Georgia
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Official transcript required (mandatory)
  • Have a verifiable financial need
  • Chapter participation – financial & active, positions held
  • Community service involvement highly considered

For more information, contact: State of Georgia Director of Scholarship Steven A Morris 706-495-8030. Please fax application to 706-798-6026 or email to [email protected] Also please send in a hard copy to 4105 Pinnacle Pines Ct. Hephzibah, GA 30815. Please make your contribution payable to: “Alonza A. Bennett Honorary Scholarship Fund” and send to George Cooke, 1258 Waymar Ct Marietta, GA 30008.