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Pelargonic acid

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pelargonic acid — [pel΄är gän′ik, pel΄ärgō′nik] n. a monobasic fatty acid, C8H17COOH, obtained from the leaves of a pelargonium or by oxidation of oleic acid: used in lacquers, pharmaceuticals, etc … English World dictionary

pelargonic acid — |peˌlärˈgänik, gōnik noun Etymology: pelargonic International Scientific Vocabulary pelargon (from New Latin Pelargonium) + ic. an oily fatty acid CH3(CH2)7COOH found especially in fusel oil and rancid fats, obtained in the form of esters… … Useful english dictionary

pelargonic acid — /ˌpɛləgɒnɪk ˈæsəd/ (say .peluhgonik asuhd) noun a saturated carboxylic acid, CH3(CH2)7COOH, usually made synthetically by the oxidisation of oleic acid, but which can be obtained in the form of esters, especially from the leaves of the… … Australian English dictionary

pelargonic acid — noun an aliphatic carboxylic acid, CH(CH)COOH, nonanoic acid, used in the manufacture of plastics, pharmaceuticals etc … Wiktionary

pelargonic acid — Chem. a colorless, oily, water immiscible liquid, C9H18O2, occurring as an ester in a volatile oil in species of pelargonium: used chiefly in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of lacquers and plastics. Also called nonanoic acid. [1855 60]… … Universalium

pelargonic — PELARGÓNIC adj. acid pelargonic = acid gras din frunzele de pelargonie. (< fr. pélargonique) Trimis de raduborza, 15.09.2007. Sursa: MDN … Dicționar Român

pelargonic — /pel ahr gon ik, goh nik, euhr /, adj. Chem. of or derived from a pelargonium or pelargonic acid. [1855 60; PELARGON(IUM) + IC] * * * … Universalium

pelargonic — adjective a) Of or pertaining to plants of the genus Pelargonium b) Of or pertaining to pelargonic acid or its derivatives … Wiktionary

pelargonic — /pel ahr gon ik, goh nik, euhr /, adj. Chem. of or derived from a pelargonium or pelargonic acid. [1855 60; PELARGON(IUM) + IC] … Useful english dictionary

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Pelargonic Acid Supplier

Pelargonic Acid

Pelargonic acid — also known as nonanoic acid and available commercially from Acme-Hardesty as Matrilox IP001M — is a monocarboxylic fatty acid with a number of different uses. It has a chemical structure of CH3(CH2)7COOH and, as the name implies, is derived naturally from oil of pelargonium, where it is present as an ester.

Acme-Hardesty is your exclusive US distributor of Matrica pelargonic acid, a vegetable-derived product produced entirely in Europe to the highest standards of quality. Our product is sold as a colorless, odorless liquid and is available in a variety of purity grades. Contact our office directly to request a quote.

Our pelargonic acid is derived from sustainably produced vegetable oils and is not tested on animals at any part of the manufacturing process. It is a 100% vegan and gluten-free product that contains no tree nuts, peanuts, dairy or other common allergens. Our partnership with Matrica ensures that everything we sell is produced in a sustainable manner, following proper land use and environmental stewardship protocols, as well as a commitment to fair labor and a respect for nearby communities.

Acme-Hardesty pelargonic acid has an acid value between 345 – 355 mg KOH/g, tested to ASTM D974-07 standards. Its water content is no more than 0.1%, as confirmed by ASTM D1364 testing, and its iodine value is no more than 1.0 g I2/100g. It has a specific gravity of 0.898 g/cm3 at 25°C and a viscosity of 8.1 cSt at 25°C. Our product consists of a minimum 98% nonanoic acid and no more than 2% other materials. For detailed product specifications, please download the available data sheet or contact an Acme-Hardesty representative directly.

Pelargonic acid has a number of different uses in various industries and other applications. Some of the most common of these include:

Cosmetics: Pelargonic acid is frequently used as an intermediate when synthesizing bio-lubricants and emollients in high-end cosmetics and personal care products. Our product helps improve spreading and absorption in hand and face creams, sunscreens and more. For cosmetics, it improves binding and pigment wetting, resulting in a product with superior feel and longer-lasting effects.

Food and beverage: Pelargonic acid is an important raw material in certain food fragrances and bleaching agents. Because our product is derived entirely from sustainable vegetable sources, it is highly versatile and can be used in vegetarian- and vegan-friendly foods.

Herbicides: Pelargonic acid is used to produce ammonium nonanoate, a key ingredient in many herbicides and plant protection products. Ammonium nonanoate, a natural full-spectrum weed suppressant, is water-soluble and biodegradable via microbial action, making it an excellent choice for safer, more natural control of invasive plants.

Medicine: Nonanoic acid may be an effective way to treat seizures. Recent research has found that a ketogenic diet containing high levels of medium chain fatty acids such as nonanoic acid was more effective than Valproate in treating childhood epilepsy, and posed less risk of liver toxicity and related side effects.

For more information about potential applications for Acme-Hardesty pelargonic acid, or to learn about the benefits our product offers over other options, please contact our office to speak with a representative directly.

Storage and Handling Details

Bulk pelargonic acid is corrosive and should be stored in tightly closed, non-reactive containers, and handled using the appropriate personal protective equipment. Keep our product at temperatures between 16-40°C, in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to sources of heat, light, flames or moisture. In case of accidental exposure or ingestion, call a poison control center for instructions, or seek medical attention. Always be certain any product you receive is free from damage and fully closed before use. If you suspect your order was damaged or otherwise compromised during shipment, please contact Acme-Hardesty directly for assistance. The pelargonic acid MSDS, available for download on this page, contains detailed safety requirements and more information about proper handling and storage practices.

Bringing You More Options Through Industry Partnerships

Acme-Hardesty has a more than 70-year history as a leading supplier of sustainable oleochemicals for industrial use. Our partnership with Matrica makes us a premier distributor of their pelargonic acid and other products. Together, our two companies offer combined expertise and a longstanding commitment to raising the bar for the responsible production of industrial chemicals.

Pelargonic acid is just one of the many products we offer customers in a wide range of industries and specialties. For more information about any of our products, or to request a quote for an order of bulk pelargonic acid, use the form on this page or call Acme-Hardesty directly.


USD38.00/kg CFR by sea for the quantity 180kgs shipment.


Carboxylic acid is an organic compound whose molecules contain carboxyl group and have the condensed chemical formula R-C(=O)-OH in which a carbon atom is bonded to an oxygen atom by a solid bond and to a hydroxyl group by a single bond), where R is a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, or an aryl group. Carboxylic acids can be synthesized if aldehyde is oxidized. Aldehyde can be obtained by oxidation of primary alcohol. Accordingly, carboxylic acid can be obtained by complete oxidation of primary alcohol. A variety of Carboxylic acids are abundant in nature and many carboxylic acids have their own trivial names. Examples are shown in table. In substitutive nomenclature, their names are formed by adding -oic acid' as the suffix to the name of the parent compound. The first character of carboxylic acid is acidity due to dissociation into H + cations and RCOO - anions in aqueous solution. The two oxygen atoms are electronegatively charged and the hydrogen of a carboxyl group can be easily removed. The presence of electronegative groups next to the carboxylic group increases the acidity. For example, trichloroacetic acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid. Carboxylic acid is useful as a parent material to prepare many chemical derivatives due to the weak acidity of the hydroxyl hydrogen or due to the difference in electronegativity between carbon and oxygen. The easy dissociation of the hydroxyl oxygen-hydrogen provide reactions to form an ester with an alcohol and to form a water-soluble salt with an alkali. Almost infinite esters are formed through condensation reaction called esterification between carboxylic acid and alcohol, which produces water. The second reaction theory is the addition of electrons to the electron-deficient carbon atom of the carboxyl group. One more theory is decarboxylation (removal of carbon dioxide form carboxyl group). Carboxylic acids are used to synthesize acyl halides and acid anhydrides which are generally not target compounds. They are used as intermediates for the synthesis esters and amides, important derivatives from carboxylic acid in biochemistry as well as in industrial fields. There are almost infinite esters obtained from carboxylic acids. Esters are formed by removal of water from an acid and an alcohol. Carboxylic acid esters are used as in a variety of direct and indirect applications. Lower chain esters are used as flavouring base materials, plasticizers, solvent carriers and coupling agents. Higher chain compounds are used as components in metalworking fluids, surfactants, lubricants, detergents, oiling agents, emulsifiers, wetting agents textile treatments and emollients, They are also used as intermediates for the manufacture of a variety of target compounds. The almost infinite esters provide a wide range of viscosity, specific gravity, vapor pressure, boiling point, and other physical and chemical properties for the proper application selections. Amides are formed from the reaction of a carboxylic acids with an amine. Carboxylic acid's reaction to link amino acids is wide in nature to form proteins (amide), the principal constituents of the protoplasm of all cells. Polyamide is a polymer containing repeated amide groups such as various kinds of nylon and polyacrylamides. Carboxylic acid are in our lives.


Nonanoic acid

Nonanoic acid

Nonanoic acid. also called pelargonic acid. is an organic compound composed of a nine-carbon chain terminating in a carboxylic acid with structural formula CH3 (CH2 )7 COOH. Nonanoic acid forms esters —nonanoates. It is a clear, oily liquid with an unpleasant, rancid odor. It is nearly insoluble in water, but very soluble in chloroform. ether. and hexane. It is commonly used in conjunction with glyphosate. a non-selective herbicide, for a quick burn-down effect in the control of weeds in turfgrass.

Its refractive index is 1.4322. Its critical point is at 712 K (439 °C) and 2.35 MPa.

Occurrence and uses

Nonanoic acid is a fatty acid which occurs naturally as esters in the oil of pelargonium. Synthetic esters, such as methyl nonanoate, are used as flavorings.

Nonanoic acid is also used in the preparation of plasticizers and lacquers .

Nonanoic acid may be more potent than valproic acid in treating seizures. [ 2 ] Moreover, in contrast to valproic acid, nonanoic acid exhibited no effect on HDAC inhibition, suggesting that it is unlikely to show HDAC inhibition-related teratogenicity. [ 2 ]